Where Technology Meets Art. “All Is Not Lost”: A Google Project with Pilobolus Dance Theater and OK Go Band

17 Aug

Google is definitely not new to celebrating arts (and more specifically dance) through the use of its technology.  Many of you will probably remember the animated doodle Google and animator Ryan Woodward dedicated to the modern dance choreographer Martha Graham on the 117th anniversary of her birth this year.

At the end of July Google went a few steps further – just to use an euphemism – by launching a new project called “All Is Not Lost”, a Google Chrome browser experiment in collaboration with the Pilobolus Dance Theater and the music band Ok Go.

Using HTML5, a new technology standard for online creation, Google Chrome built an interactive video experience giving people the possibility to embed their message in the video and have the band and dancers dance/spell it out.

For the interactive version of the video visit the “All Is Not Lost” website using the Google Chrome browser (if you don’t have it you can download it here) and type the words you’d like to have Ok Go and the Pilobolus Dance Theater spell for you. Then you can choose if watching your message with their video introduction or just play it by itself.

Have fun creating your video dance messages and makes sure to share them on our Facebook wall. One of you will get the chance to win one of our Tezoro Productions-Live At Broadway Dance Center video downloads!

Check out what we came up with…



Interested in some behind-the-scenes pictures? Check out this article by The New York Times.

What do you think about the “All Is Not Lost” Google project? Leave a comment below this article to share your opinion with us. We’d love to hear from you!

One Response to “Where Technology Meets Art. “All Is Not Lost”: A Google Project with Pilobolus Dance Theater and OK Go Band”

  1. carloantonio August 17, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Ah, the combination of two of my favorites, OK Go and Pilobolus Dance Theater! Each always has their ways of challenging what we see and how we see things. Something as visually stunning as this project really almost moves me to tears. Amazing work, Google!

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