Welcome our Complete Beginner Dance DVD Series!

22 Sep

What’s better than one of our Beginner DVDs? The answer is easy…. 15 of them, all together, at super special price! 🙂

Start enjoying all our easy-to-follow Beginner Dance DVDs from Jazz Dance to Latin Dance, from Hip Hop to Street Funk and learn new warm-ups and across the floors as well as many different pieces of choreography.

The entire collection of DVDs is perfect for a variety of different people and purposes:

Dance Teachers will find new and innovative information and ideas for teaching the basics of several dance techniques to kids or beginner adults.

Advanced dance students can use them to start learning a new dance style they may need for an audition or just to complete their preparation. While beginner students, who are already taking classes in one or more of these styles, may use our DVDs as a way to support their in-class learning.

Non-dancers who’d like to discover the beauty of dance and why not, burn some calories in the meanwhile. Yes, our beginner DVDs are also perfect for those who want to work out in a more fun and engaging way.

Moms (but also dads) who are looking for a way to have fun with their children doing something that will keep them active. Our DVDs are great to teach kids coordination and improve their sense of rhythm.

Each DVD is broken down to its simplest form with engaging music and innovative backgrounds.


  Hip Hop with Dana Foglia – Volume I, II, III (each includes a Complete Warm-up with isolations, cardio and stretches and 3 different Hip Hop dances)

• HOPSdance & DanceMIX with Tyce Diorio & Krista Saab – Volume I, II (each includes across the floor and choreography in: Jazz, Hip Hop, Latin and Theatre Dance)

• Latin Dance with Luis Salgado – Volume I, II, III, IV & V (each dedicated to a specific Latin Dance Style; ‘PLENA’, ‘MERENGUE’, ‘CHA-CHA MAMBO’, ‘SALSA’, ‘CARNIVAL’. Every volume includes basic elements of the style and a fabulous piece of choreography with partnering elements as well!)

• Country Line Dance with Summry Whaley – Volume I (incudes every line dance you have always wanted to learn!)

• Street Funk with Joe Loera – Volume I, II (each includes 4 fabulous dance combinations incorporating many sports and Hip Hop moves! Great DVD if you have boys in your classes or homes!)


Special price: $450 (retail $600)


 You can always purchase these or any other Tezoro DVD individually. Just visit http://www.liveatbroadwaydancecenter.com and choose the ones you prefer.

One more thing you’ll love…

When buying our DVDs individually at their regular price, you can use danceCOUPON to get a 20% discount plus $10 Gift Certificate toward any streaming purchase! (This coupon cannot be used for the Complete Beginner DVD Series).


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