The Dance directory to Promote, Find and Review!

11 Oct

We had the pleasure to interview Arsen Serobian, founder and owner of, an online directory devoted entirely to dance and dance-related businesses.

Check out what he had to say and don’t forget to share your opinion with us!

What’s and how did you come up with this idea? is powered by, an online network dedicated to the world of dance.  At Dance Channel TV, we produce original video content covering various styles of dance through unique series, feature stories and news casts, among other programs.  As part of our programming for Dance Channel TV, we would seek out dance companies and performances we wanted to cover.  We would also receive mass emails and post mail regarding shows taking place and requests to cover them. This process was somewhat unmanageable as there was not a single source one could tap into to find out about dance events and businesses.  So I decided to start which would combine all of those resources on one website.

What’s the gap is filling in the dance community?

There are a number of dance-related websites on the Internet.  The problem, however, is that there is no single source for all things dance.  Most are local in nature or have a particular focus. fills that void by congregating everything relating to dance in one place.  And it does not just cater to dance companies, dancers and dance businesses.  Our audience also includes just regular people who love dance or are interested to learn more about it.

How does work?

Think of as the for dance.  Much like, it is controlled by the users.  They list themselves and input the information about their companies, performances, etc. also allows dance enthusiasts from around the world to connect, review and learn about all things dance. Searching on is very user-friendly because it relies on simple keyword and zip code searches.  We also recently unveiled our SeeDance iPhone App to make the information more accessible.

How has technology changed dance marketing for dance companies, dance studios, dance merchandise and everything dance related?

We believe that the Internet is a powerful and effective means of communication. It is global, reaching to the far corners of the earth, making the world smaller and more connected.  It is making radical changes in our lives.  Because of the advances in technology, it is possible for more people to access information and to learn in new ways, connecting individuals to new people, places and experiences.  The new marketing channels are many, i.e. social media, forums, video sharing, and new ones are constantly springing-up.  In that context, the challenge for the dance community is two-fold: (i) figuring out how to join this new era of marketing and (ii) learning ways to stand out from the clutter and information overload.  It has been our experience that, although the landscape and opportunities in marketing are changing rapidly, many in the dance community are hesitant to embrace them, still clinging to the old tools.  We recognize the hesitation on their part but hope to help the dance community address those challenges through, building awareness and visibility for your business and reaching a large targeted audience.  With funding for the arts decreasing, we are here to support the dance community and provide people with access to dance resources through the power of Internet.

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  1. JENNIFER FONG October 12, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

    Cool site!

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