Jackrabbit Dance: A Useful Tool For Dance Studio Owners.

8 Dec

Jackrabbit Dance is a Web-based dance studio software featuring online registration, billing, recital & costume management.

Since several of our followers are dance studio owners, we thought it could be useful to provide you with some information about a tool that is conceived to make your  dance studio management an easier task. If you’re a dance student you can always share this with your teacher to help them run their studio smoothly and efficiently.

We had a few questions about Jackrabbit. During one their conferences, they had 3 of their clients answer them to  share their first-hand experience with us. Enjoy and share your opinion by leaving a comment below!

Jackrabbit users:

Mandy Moore – Make Your Move Performing Arts – Opelika, AL

Pam Scheuerman – Tolbert Yilmaz School of Dance – Alpharetta, GA

Brandy Wix – CD Danceworks – Acworth, GA

Tezoro: How is Jackrabbit Dance different than other web-based dance studio software?

 Jackrabbit users: One client had purchased pc-based dance management software (Dance Manager) previously and didn’t even use it because it was so un-engaging and difficult to understand. The web-based platform Jackabbit offers is awesome for each client we talked to. And Jackrabbit offers so many features that you can do everything you need to do with it. Even those who aren’ computer savvy find it easy to use.

It is great that Studio Autopay integrates with Jackrabbit and can be updated by parents through the portal. It is also a great benefit that Jackrabbit’s integration with Quick Books is easy.

Unlike other programs, Jackrabbit is something that is so easy even a child could use it. This program actually allows owners/managers to offload work to employees without feeling like it will not be done correctly. Jackrabbit is also more client-friendly for the studio. Billing is better in Jackrabbit than in the pc-based software previously mentioned.

The level of customer service it provides sets Jackrabbit’s software apart.

Online registration eliminates ANY process that might require a line in the dance studio. Jackrabbit provides parents registering online an immediate indication of class availability so they can make better, quicker decisions. The studio can keep students from registering in the wrong classes with Jackrabbit registration capabilities.

Jackrabbit is self-serve for the studio client. Parents enter info during online registration and through portal so they are responsible for its accuracy. Because of Jackrabbit, studio data entry time is cut WAY down.

Jackrabbit comment:

Jackrabbit gives clients a robust system that is more managed and protected than any pc-based system individual studios own. The performance of Jackrabbit’s system surpasses that of other web-based dance management systems. Jackrabbit updates and enhances its features and framework more often than its competitors in any of the class-based system categories.

Tezoro: What are the benefits of using Jackrabbit Dance?

Jackrabbit users:

Jackrabbit is…

  • Easy to use – even for less technology savvy
  • All your info is in one system
  • Online registration is an awesome feature that is easy and sets the studio apart from those down the street
  • Staff/human resources are more productive – they can concentrate on more valuable things than figuring out bills
  • Saves time and money – automated processes take a load off employees
  • Saves lots of phone time answering questions because parents look at account online
  • Online registration gives us ultimate control – lets studio decide which classes to expose to which clients
  • Online registration is real time. System immediately indicates registrations so parents know when going through the process exactly which classes are available
  • It is self-serve for parents
  • Studio can be completely paperless.

Jackrabbit comment:

Jackrabbit gives clients a level of confidence in their system that they have not been able to enjoy with other systems. There is no worry about whether the system will go down or whether their data is accurate and safe. Jackrabbit totally takes the worry of systems and data away and enables owners and managers to do everything they need to be able to do to run and grow their studios.

Tezoro: What are the most common mistakes made in managing a dance studio?

Jackrabbit users:

  • Not contacting clients in a timely manner (immediate response on all topics)
  • Failing to set up business systems and follow-thru with them
  • They think they are going to make lots of money 🙂 🙂 🙂
  • They don’t LOVE their students but treat them like a business unit
  • Don’t get someone with a business sense to manage the business
  • Not being consistent and sticking to their policies (making exceptions)
  • Letting parents control their studios
  • Failing to collect tuition (more difficult with traditional process)
  • How has technology changed the way dance studios are run and marketed?
  • According to one Jackrabbit client, technology has enabled dance studios to STAY
  • in business. Technology makes running and marketing the business easier and cheaper (especially in marketing because you can use the Internet, email marketing and social media and stop paying for print advertising/yellow pages!!)
  • Owners/mangers can be more creative and give back to students instead of chasing bills and registrations because processes like tuition collection happens at the touch of a button.
  • Everything can now be electronic – even all of the studio music is on ipods.

Jackrabbit comment:

Jackrabbit unleashes not only managers and owners, but all of those working in the studio, from their desks and minimizes the time they need to spend with their faces in their computer screen. It is flexible – allowing iPads to be used for attendance and skills tracking. And mobile – allowing work to be done from anywhere there is Internet connectivity within any part of the system in real time. Owners can check key numbers even if they are away at a conference – or on vacation – and address any concern immediately (or prevent a blip from turning into a major issue).

 Get a FREE Trial of Jackrabbit here –> http://www.JackrabbitDance.com/freetrial.asp

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