Why Choose World Dance Movement.

1 Jul

“Great dancers are not great because of their technique, they are great because of their passion.” –Martha Graham

Most dancers say they were born with a passion for dance.  They subconsciously count music, review old routines in their head, and make up choreography when no one is looking.  Dance is an art that comes from within, and is sometimes something that only dancers can understand.  As dancers, we have a common language.  We are constantly trying to perfect ourselves and learn more and more about our potential, our peers and our teachers.  We learn from experience, and a great experience has been presented to us—World Dance Movement- The International Workshop.


World Dance Movement is an experience unlike any other.  It is an international workshop that links dance and culture, inspiring and transforming dancers around the world.  They strive to present dancers with an amazing cultural experience, while giving them the opportunities to maximize their learning potential.  It is a complete study-vacation model like any other!

At WDM the students are the priority, and they are provided with the best training and faculty around the world.  Unlike national US conventions that can be very similar to each other and often overcrowded and kind of impersonal, WDM students truly get to know the faculty and the other dancers. They have the opportunity to talk with faculty and chill with them at the swimming pool, ask for advice, enjoy Q&A sessions and have dinner together.  Throughout the week faculty members observe and get to know dancers, and eventually award them with one of the amazing scholarships for international studios and workshops such as Complexions Contemporary BalletBroadway Dance Center, Peridance Capezio Center, Steps on Broadway, Studio Harmonic, The Pulse, NYCDA, LA Dance Magic, and may more!


One might be asking, why WDM? There are so many national conventions right here in the USA.  Well, at WDM, our dancers reap the benefits of:

  • Small classes
  • One-on-one training
  • Cultural experience
  • A complete study-vacation model
  • The best internationally-renowned faculty and talent
  • The chance to be noticed by established faculty
  • The opportunity to receive a scholarship for international dance studios and workshops- over $240,000 awarded every year!
  • Any many more!!


“Forget the super-crowded hotel-based conventions and come to World Dance Movement,” says Belinda Wagner, WDM Parent.  It is the environment for ultimate growth, and fun at the same time! Who wouldn’t want to dance in Europe for 2 weeks, meet new people, be inspired, and eat gelato every night?

World Dance Movement 2014 Events:

World Dance Movement Spain (Madrid). April 12-17, 2014

– World Dance Movement Lucerne (Switzerland). April 21-26, 2014

– World Dance Movement Italy (Castellana Grotte, BA). July 6-27, 2014

– World Dance Movement The Netherlands (Amsterdma). August 2-14, 2014 (NEW EVENT!)


Do you think that dancing at one of WDM International events is more expensive than dancing in NYC for the summer? YOU DECIDE…Check out this spreadsheet that compares all the expenses of our WDM Italy event with a US-based dance convention!

Just click on the image and download the Excel file that will show you the cost comparison. (PS: don’t worry the file is virus free!)

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 3.41.10 PM

Make sure to visit www.WorldDanceMovement.com  and “Like Us” on Facebook for all the info about WDM events. You can always contact us by email wdm@tezoroproductions.com or by phone +1 (212) 582-1090 with any question you may have.

You can also contact us using this form:

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