MartzCDC Audition Workshop at World Dance Movement Spain and Italy.

15 Apr


The Martz Contemporary Dance Company Audition Workshop will be held during World Dance Movement Spain – The International Workshop (June 26 – July 1 in Sitges at Institute of the Arts Barcelona) and World Dance Movement Italy – The International Workshop (WEEK 1 – July 5-10 in Castellana Grotte, Bari). It will be open only to WDM Spain and Italy participants. It will consist of 6 days of training during which TWO DANCERS will be hired for the October-December season and TWO DANCERS will be selected for apprentice positions. This contract is extendible by six to nine months. To be able to attend the Audition Workshop, you must complete your registration at or and choose at least one other class offered by the program since the audition will be open only to dancers registered for WDM Spain and Italy.


 Photo by Jesús Coines Suñè. Dancers: Christian Ramos and Beatrice Orlandi.

MartzCDC Audition Workshop

In the 6-day workshop you will work with Eva Martz, director and choreographer of Martz Contemporary Dance Company. You will study repertory work that will allow her to look at your theatrical attitude, interpretation and improvisation skills as well as your creativity and technique. The piece of repertoire chosen will depend on the number of students in the workshop as well as the male to female ratio.


Martz Contemporary Dance Company creates dance through experimental studies of movement and emotion combined. It performs the task of elaborating unique pieces, which are transformed by the dancers in a different way each time it is presented. The Martz Contemporary Dance Company stands for truth and honesty in the stories that are told from the soul, and creep into the awareness of the public.

Our mission is to create noise in the dance world using the choreographic style of Eva Martz. We aim to inspire thought and reflection on subjects that may not have received this treatment otherwise.

We want to unit dancers in a supported environment and get to know them, their movement and their most important issues.



WORLD DANCE MOVEMENT SPAIN – The International Workshop, June 26 – July 1, 2015. Sitges (Barcelona) at Institute of the Arts Barcelona. For more information please visit our website Group rates available, please click here.



World Dance Movement ITALY – The International Workshop, July 5-26, 2015. Castellana Grotte (Bari). For more information please visit our website Group rates available, please click here.





L’Audition Workshop della Martz Contemporary Dance Company si svolgerà durante il World Dance Movement Spagna – The International Workshop (26 Giugno – 1 Luglio a Sitges presso l’Institute of the Arts Barcelona) e al World Dance Movement Italia – The International Workshop (SETTIMANA 1 – 5-10 Luglio a Castellana Grotte, Bari). Sarà aperto solo ai partecipanti del WDM Spagna e Italia. Consisterà di 6 giorni di lezione durante i quali DUE DANZATORI saranno selezionati per un contratto stagionale (Ottobre-Dicembre) rinnovabile e DUE DANZATORI saranno selezionati come apprendisti. Per partecipare all’Audition Workshop, bisogna iscriversi su o e scegliere almeno un’altra lezione tra quelle offerte dal WDM dato che l’audizione è aperta solo ai partecipanti del WDM Spagna o Italia.


Photo by Salvatore Abrescia. Dancer: Beatrice Orlandi. 

MartzCDC Audition Workshop

Nei 6 giorni di Workshop lavorerete con Eva Martz, direttrice e coreografa della Martz Contemporary Dance Company. Studierete il repertorio che le consentirà di notare la vostra attitudine teatrale, le vostre capacità di interpretazione e improvvisazione, così come la vostra creatività e tecnica. Il pezzo di repertorio scelto dipenderà dal numero di studenti partecipanti al workshop e la proporzione tra il numero di uomini e donne.


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