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10 REASONS – 10 FRIENDS – 10 YEARS Contest

22 May

*** Scorri in basso per leggere in italiano ***


10 reasons friends years! (1)

How to enter our 10 REASONS – 10 FRIENDS – 10 YEARS Contest.


1. Post a photo of yourself dancing on your Facebook wall or on your Instagram account with 10 reasons why you would like to join us at WDM Italy from July 8-29, 2018. ie: 1. eat pasta 2. meet new friends etc…

2. You must make your post public so we can find your post.

3. You must use the following hashtags: #WorldDanceMovement #WDMItaly #WDM10Years

4. You must Tag 10 different dance friends in the first comment below the image inviting them to participate.

Everyone who enters will be put in a drawing to win one free week of WDM classes at World Dance Movement Italy 2018.  You have time until  June 1, 2018 to participate in the contest. We will announce the winner on our Facebook and Instagram pages and send you a private message. (Travel, housing, meals, registration fee and extra workshop classes not included. If you are already registered for WDM Italy 2018, you can add an additional week for this year or you can use it for 2019)

Good luck!!!

*** ITALIANO ***


Come partecipare al 10 REASONS – 10 FRIENDS – 10 YEARS Contest.


1. Pubblica una foto mentre danzi sulla tua bacheca Facebook o sul tuo profilo Instagram con 10 motivi per i quali ti piacerebbe partecipare al WDM Italia dall’8 al 29 Luglio 2018. es: 1. la cucina pugliese 2. conoscere dei nuovi amici ecc…

2. La foto deve essere pubblica affinché ci sia possibile visualizzarla.

3. Devi utilizzare i seguenti hashtag: #WorldDanceMovement #WDMItaly #WDM10Years

4. Devi taggare 10 amici di danza differenti nel primo commento sotto la foto che pubblicherai.

Tutti quelli che parteciperanno avranno la possibilità di vincere una settimana gratuita di lezioni al World Dance Movement Italia 2018. Il contest è aperto fino al 1 Giugno 2018. Il vincitore sarà annunciato sulla nostra pagina Facebook e Instagram oltre ad inviare un messaggio privato al diretto interessato. (Viaggio, vitto e alloggio, spese di registrazione e workshop extra non sono inclusi nella vincita. Se sei già iscritto al WDM Italia 2018, potrai scegliere di aggiungere una settimana o di partecipare nel 2019.) 

In bocca al lupo!!!

Q&A with WDM Faculty Member Macia Del Prete.

15 Nov



We are excited to have Macia Del Prete with us again at WDM Italy 2018 to celebrate our 10 Year Anniversary! Here some fun questions she answered for us. Do you have more? Leave a comment below or on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter pages with #AskMacia.

WDM: What are the three words that best describe you?

Macia: Straightforward, moody, observant.

WDM: If you were stranded on a desert island, name three things you would bring.

Macia: An ipod with Billie Holiday’s discography, a pencil, a notebook.

WDM: Who is your favorite famous person?

Macia: Salvator Dalì.

WDM: Who is your favorite dancer?

Macia: From the past, Gene Kelly. Nowadays, Jillian Meyer.

WDM: What are the projects you are most proud of in your dancer / choreographer career.

Macia: One : “Finding….what?” with my OL3 DC… it was my first real and strong creative initiative! Others will come…

WDM: Complete the sentence: If I were not a dancer, I would be ________.

Macia: A sax player.

WDM: Who has influenced you the most in your dancer career?

Macia: Saturday’s variety shows on Italian TV that represent my childhood… Mauro Astolfi in my teens; William Foresythe who will probably influence my entire life.

WDM: Complete the sentence: When I am not dancing, I am _________.

Macia: Walking among people…

WDM: What is your favorite city?

Macia: NYC.

WDM: What is the next city that you would like to visit?

Macia: Tel Aviv.

WDM: Complete the sentence: When I pack, I always bring ________.

Macia: Thousands of shoes!

Click on the image to watch a piece created by Macia at WDM Italy 2017
Screen Shot 2017-11-15 at 11.32.55 AM.png
Macia will teach Contemporary Dance (INT) and a Contemporary Choreographic Workshop (ADV/Professional) at WDM Italy 2018, week 3: July 24-29. For information and to register, please visit www.WDMItaly.com.

*** ITALIANO ***

Avremo il piacere di avere ancora con noi Macia Del Prete al WDM Italia 2018 per festeggiare il nostro 10^ Anniversario! Le abbiamo fatto delle brevi domande per conoscerla ancora meglio. Siete curiosi di sapere altro? Lasciate un commento qui sotto o sulle nostre pagine Facebook, Instagram, Twitter con #AskMacia. Buona lettura!

WDM: Quali sono le 3 parole che ti descrivono al meglio?

Macia: Diretta, lunatica, osservatrice.

WDM: Se fossi su un’isola deserta e potessi portare solo tree cose, quali sarebbero?

Macia: Un ipod con tutta la discografia di Billie Holiday, una matita, un quaderno.

WDM: Chi è il tuo personaggio famoso preferito?

Macia: Salvator Dalì.

WDM: Chi è il tuo ballerino/a preferito/a?

Macia: Del passato, Gene Kelly. Del presente, Jillian Meyer.

WDM: Indica 3 dei progetti dei quali sei più orgoglioso/a nella tua carriera di ballerino/a – coreografo/a.

Macia: Uno: “Finding….what?” con OL3 DC…  è stata la mia prima vera iniziativa creativa! Ce ne saranno altri…

WDM: Completa la frase: Se non fossi una danzatrice/coreografa, sarei ________.

Macia: Una sassofonista.

WDM: Chi ha influenzato di più la tua carriera?

Macia: I programmi di varietà della TV italiana degli anni ’80/’90 che rappresentano la mia infanzia… Mauro Astolfi durante l’adolescenza; William Foresythe che probabilmente mi continuerà ad influenzare per tutta la vita.


WDM: Completa la frase: Quando non sto ballando, sto _________.

Macia: Camminando tra la gente…

WDM: Qual’è la tua città preferita al mondo?

Macia: NYC.

WDM: Qual’è la prossima città che vorresti visitare?

Macia: Tel Aviv.

WDM: Completa la frase: Quando faccio le valigie porto sempre con me ________.

Macia: Migliaia di scarpe!

Macia insegnerà contemporaneo (INT) e un Workshop Coreografico Contemporaneo (ADV/Professionale) al WDM Italia 2018, terza settimana: 24-29 Luglio. Per maggiori informazioni e per iscriversi: www.WDMItaly.com.


Interview with Kari Williams, Director of Dance at Sacred Heart University.

29 Aug

This year we had the pleasure to have with us at World Dance Movement – The International Festival in Italy,  a group of students from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Kari Williams, the Director of Dance at SHU, spent two weeks in Puglia with her students. She shared her thoughts about the program with us.  Here what she has to say and please feel free to share it with all your dance friends, parents and teachers. 🙂


WDM: This was your first year at World Dance Movement Italy. How was your experience overall?

KARI: The opportunities presented to my students to grow in their artistry and be inspired and educated by international greatness were unparalleled.

WDM: What type of opportunities did your students receive at the event?

KARI: Lauren Celentano was not only chosen by the casting director of Amici, to receive a private audition and a callback but she also took 1st place in the senior solo open category division last night in the WDM international competition and was awarded literally thousands of dollars in scholarships to various dance training programs across the US.!

We had 3 opportunities to perform in the beautiful outdoor Piazza at Castellana Grotte with hundreds in attendance – they danced choreography created by world renowned artists under the stars!

Students took weekly classes in Ballet, Active Isolated Flexibility, Contemporary dance and Street Jazz with the best dance educators in the world

On the last day our dancers participated in an open Audition for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines where they had the opportunity to earn contracts for cruise ship dance work – Our dancers that made the 1st cut & went on to round 2 were Lauren C. Elizabeth Venezia & Sarah Possenti! Lauren C. received a call back

Other SHU dance program members earning scholarships and international recognition include: Stephanie Pic: One Free Audition Technique Seminar at Stage Door Connections in NYC, Malaysia Johnson: One Week of Unlimited Dance Classes at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, Sarah Possenti: One Scholarship for classes at Steps on Broadway & One scholarship for 20 Free Classes at EDGE Performing Arts Center


WDM: How did you enjoy the extracurricular activities offered by the event?

KARI: On our free time we traveled to Monopoli Beach (2x), Polignano a Mare, the Caves at Castellana Grotte, Alberobello, Trulli, rounding out the cultural enrichment portion of our learning agenda


WDM: What makes World Dance Movement different from US dance conventions?

KARI: US Conventions are great however nothing compares to sharing ONE dance floor with dancers from literally dozens of countries at once. The inspiration from this alone – knowing that your craft is universal and that it matters on a global scale – makes WDM a stand out over any US convention that one could attend.

WDM: Would you recommend World Dance Movement to other college students and their professors? Why?

KARI: It is such a unique opportunity for students to develop technical, artistic, cultural and humanistic perspective all at once. This development in turn helps elevate not only the student to a more self-actualized person and dancer but also the entire dance program wherein they live and train.


Information about Sacred Heart University Dance Programs


·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are able to enjoy the benefits of a conservatory style higher education dance program in conjunction with earning their degree of choice.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students enjoy a diverse array of curriculum options taught by master dance educators and top industry professionals including; Classical Ballet and Pointe, Modern Dance, African Dance, Dance Conditioning, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz Dance and Musical Theatre Dance.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are undergraduate Nursing majors, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Communications, Education majors etc.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are given numerous performance opportunities both on and off campus, starting as early as their Freshman year!

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are proud members of the American College Dance Association which helps support and affirm dance in higher education through regional conferences, the adjudication process, and national festivals.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students may earn up to 1 credit per semester for participation in the program, making this a wonderful option for those pursuing a Dance Minor

·      Many SHU DANCE COMPANY students are eligible to receive performing arts dance grants and scholarship money for active participation in the program! 

Thank you for reading! Don’t forget to like this article and share on social media.

Next year is going to be our 10th Anniversary and we are planning to make it extra special!!!
Our 2018 events:

* World Dance Movement SPAIN, Sitges (Barcelona) 
@ Institute of the Arts Barcelona
   June (exact dates TBD)   + WDM International Competition – June (exact dates TBD)  

* World Dance Movement ITALY, Castellana Grotte (Bari)

   @ Artinscena di Annalisa Bellini
    July 7-29 (choose one, two or three weeks)
    + WDM International Competition – July 14

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Please Welcome Showcase to Our WDM Family.

12 Apr

We are excited to announce our partnership with Showcase. The winners of their Dancer of the Year Award 2017 will join us at WDM Spain 2017 – The International Workshop and Competition at the Institute of the Arts Barcelona this June.


Our mission is to build connections between dance and diverse cultures that inspire and transform dancers around the world. Our collaborations with top international dance institutions are a key element that allows us to make the dance world more united and connected.

Showcase is the most innovative and progressive dance competition ever to be created in Australian & New Zealand history.


Showcase is not only the original and official National Dance Championships of Australia but hailed as one of the most Elite in the World.

With over 1.5 million dollars in Cash awards and prizes given out since 1994 to aspiring Dancers, no wonder we attract some of the best dance studios in the Nation all wanting to give their dance students the best opportunity to grow and learn from the Showcase experience.

At our events, prizes are given in a way that makes everyone feel proud of what they have accomplished regardless of the score with our now famous motto “Everyone’s a STAR at Showcase”.

Peter Oxford is the Founder and CEO/President of the Showcase Australian Dance Championships & Hollywood Bound National Dance Championships, and has dominated the Dance competition industry in Australia since the mid 1990’s.

Peter Oxford and his outstanding credits and achievements within not only the dance industry but to charitable events have made him a household name when it comes to Dance.

With over 18,000 acts attending his events annually is hailed as Australia’s most successful Dance entrepreneur having created the first national innovative dance event for the industry. Over the last 25 years Peter’s efforts in producing Showcase, and later Hollywood Bound, has improved the standard of competition and the quality of dance in Australia.

These events provide a great opportunities for young dancers and have assisted in raising the profile of the Australian dance industry on the world stage.

 As we now enter our 3rd decade our event will continue to grow and evolve and not only be proudly Australian made and operated but be a fun filled family event, we take pride in what we do and have achieved with the countless numbers of Australian & New Zealand families who have supported us for over 22 years and we thank you.

 Showcase has not only become a much loved Australian icon but its also stepped onto the international stage as one of the leaders in National Dance Competitions and has been ranked as one of the Worlds best by fellow industry professionals.

Congratulations to all the winners! We look forward to have Showcase’s fantastic dancers and its Founder and CEO/President, Peter Oxford, with us at World Dance Movement Spain in Sitges.

WDM SPAIN, Sitges (Barcelona), June 3-8 (daily passes available for June 3, 4 and 5) + WDM International Dance Competition – Spain, June 3-4. Register @ www.WDMSpain.com

If you are 18+ you will have the possibility to audition for Royal Caribbean International. Click here for more information.

10 Reasons to Join a World Dance Movement Workshop.

2 Mar



Events in fantastic locations around the world. 

Every year we provide you with the possibility to travel to international destinations while growing as a dancer and individual. Jump on board and let’s dance!


International Faculty Members.

At WDM workshops you will study with top choreographers and master teachers from several countries including Israel, Spain, France, England, Italy, Canada and USA. This will allow you to get to know how dance is experienced in different countries and across different cultures.


Dance Scholarships.

Thanks to our supportive sponsors we will award over $500,000 in dance scholarships at WDM events. Our International WDM faculty will award them while observing dancers during all WDM classes.


Cultural exchange.

At each WDM event you will experience the local culture as well as the one of your international faculty members and of dancers from over 25 countries. You will have the chance to learn words in different languages, find out how the dance scene/industry is in other countries as well as discover the study and professional opportunities you might have in other countries.


Networking opportunities.

World Dance Movement events are the perfect place to showcase your talents and network with our choreographers (several of whom are also artist directors of their own dance companies). And let’s not forget about the audition opportunities!


Performance opportunities.

Every World Dance Movement event ends with an exciting outdoor performance on a beautiful stage. You will have the chance to show what you learned throughout the week in front of dance professionals, parents, friends as well as locals who come to enjoy our shows.


Full and real class setting.

All World Dance Movement events have complete 1h and a half to 2h dance classes in a real class setting (studios with mirrors and dance floor).



World Dance Movement events provide you with the option to explore the country you are visiting and enjoy yourself during your downtime. You can sign-up for one of our extracurricular activities or venture on your own to see what our event locations have to offer.


WDM Family.

At World Dance Movement we are all part of a big dance family. We dance, explore, eat and laugh together. From the very first moment you arrive at check-in, regardless of you coming with your own group or by yourself, you will immediately feel part of our dance community. #WDMfamily


Intimate classes with one-to-one attention.

Our commitment to you: To provide an intimate class environment where you will have the opportunity to receive personal attention in a non-competitive environment. Teachers will observe you and provide you with corrections and feedback throughout the week.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂 Join us this summer!

World Dance Movement SPAIN, Sitges (Barcelona) @ Institute of the Arts BarcelonaJune 3-8. Click here for more info.

+ WDM International Competition – SPAIN – June 3-4. Click here for more info.

World Dance Movement ITALY, Castellana Grotte (Bari) @ Artinscena di Annalisa Bellini, July 9-30 (choose one, two or three weeks). Click here for more info.

 + WDM International Competition – ITALY – July 15. Click here for more info.


NEW Daily Passes At WDM Spain

1 Feb
After a one-year break we will be back in the beautiful seaside city of Sitges (Barcelona) for World Dance Movement Spain 2017. The event will take place at the beautiful Institute of the Arts Barcelona, June 3-8.New this year at WDM Spain is the WDM International Competition at WDM Spain, on June 3 and 4.

Of course, we would love to have you with us for the entire week, but if it is not possible, we hope that you can take advantage of these daily passes and join us for part of the event, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You will take inspiring classes; you can compete in our International Dance Competition and spend time on the beautiful beaches of Sitges between classes. Also, stay tuned…because we are making a BIG announcement soon about Monday, June 5 that you won’t want to miss.

Purchase your one-day, two-day or three-day pass or register for the entire week (June 3-8) @ www.WDMSpain.com
By April 30th
€85/$90 – 1 DAY
€160/$170 – 2 DAYS
€230/$250 – 3 DAYS
Starting May 1st
€95/$105 – 1 DAY
€170/$185 – 2 DAYS
€240/$265 – 3 DAYS
*Plus Registration Fee – Max. 3 classes per day
weekend pass (17).png


  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Theatre Dance
  • Jazz
  • Complexions Contemporary Workshop
  • MartzCDC Contemporary Workshop
  • Acrobatics for dancers
  • Lyrical
  • Commercial Dance (TV, cinema, video, commercials, etc.)
  • Active-Isolated Flexibility


  • Final Gala Performance
  • Scholarships of $125,000 awarded

Download the complete class schedule here.

Learn more about the Institute of the Arts Barcelona.

An International Institute for the Performing and Recording Arts


The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a dynamic institute uniquely positioned to offer international performing and recording arts higher education in Europe. Students from all over the world benefit from our top-level professional teaching staff and UK university validated education in a stunning location on the shores of the Mediterranean. Institute of the Arts Barcelona is an international specialist higher education institution were you can study Acting, Dance, Film Direction, Musical Theatre, Pop Music, and Singing. For more information about their programs, please visit www.iabarcelona.com.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.47.15 AM.png


Dopo un anno di pausa torniamo nella bellissima città marittima di Sitges (Barcellona) per il World Dance Movement Spagna 2017. L’evento si svolgerà all’Institute of the Arts Barcelona, dal 3 all’8 Giugno.


Novità di quest’anno al WDM Spagna sarà il WDM International Competition at WDM Spagna, il 3 e 4 Giugno.

Ovviamente, ci piacerebbe avervi con noi per tutta la settimana, ma se non è possibile, speriamo che possiate approfittare dei pass giornalieri per partecipare a parte dell’evento, Sabato, Domenica e/o Lunedì. Avrete la possibilità di fare lezioni straordinarie, competere nel nostro Concorso Internazionale di Danza e rilassarvi sulle incantevoli spiagge di Sitges tra una lezione e l’atra. Inoltre, rimanete sintonizzati…perché ci sarà un grandissimo annuncio riguardo a Lunedì, 5 Giugno che non vorrete perdere.

Acquistate il vostro pass per uno, due o tre giorni o iscriviti per l’intera settimana (3-8 Giugno) su www.WDMSpain.com
Entro il 30 Aprile
€85/$90 – 1 GIORNO
€160/$170 – 2 GIORNI
€230/$250 – 3 GIORNI
Starting May 1st
€95/$105 – 1 GIORNO
€170/$185 – 2 GIORNI
€240/$265 – 3 GIORNI
*Oltre alla quota d’iscrizione – Massimo 3 lezioni al giorno


  • Classico
  • Contemporaneo
  • Theatre Dance
  • Jazz
  • Complexions Contemporary Workshop
  • MartzCDC Contemporary Workshop
  • Danza Acrobatica
  • Lyrical
  • Danza Commerciale (TV, cinema, video, pubblicità, ecc.)
  • Active-Isolated Flexibility (metodo di stretching)


  • Spettacolo di Gala a fine corso
  • Saranno assegnate prestigiose Borse di Studio per il valore di $125.000

Scarica il programma delle lezioni qui.

Qualche informazione sull’Institute of the Arts Barcelona.

Un Instituto Internazionale per la Danza e la Musica. 


L’Institute of the Arts Barcelona è un istituto dinamico che offre corsi di alto livello per studenti nel campo della danza e della musica. Studenti da ogni parte del mondo beneficiano della professionalità del corpo docente e dei corsi convalidati dall’università britannica in una sede incantevole sulle coste del Mediterraneo. L’Institute of the Arts Barcelona è un’istituzione internazionale specializzata dove si può studiare Recitazione, Danza, Cinematografia, Musical Theatre, Musica Pop, e Canto. Per maggiori informazioni riguardo ai corsi offerti, visitate www.iabarcelona.com.

Theatre Dance with AC Ciulla at WDM Spain

13 Jan


This year we will have the pleasure to dance with EMMY Award winning, TONY nominated choreographer, AC Ciulla at WDM Spain. He will teach Theatre Dance for Advanced Students and Professionals. June 3-8 in Sitges, Barcelona @ Institute of the Arts Barcelona.


AC Ciulla has enjoyed an eclectic career spanning a wide range of work in different creative arenas.

AC was nominated for the TONY Award for Best Choreography for Broadway’s hit musical Footloose, and has choreographed/directed numerous productions both nationally and abroad. Off-Broadway, AC choreographed Lucky Guy (Callaway Award nomination), The Bubbly Black Girl…(Lucille Lortel nomination), Ghetto Superstar starring TONY winner Billy Porter, and Last Smoker In America.  Visit our website to continue reading


AC’s innovative warm-up focuses on body alignment, weight distribution, and on how to become stronger and more flexible. He challenges dancers with his fusion of styles, and he focuses on musicality, dynamics, and quality of movement.

AC not only teaches the steps, but he explains the intention behind the movement, and encourages dancers to take chances. If you’re looking to take your dancing and performance quality to another level, and to get noticed at auditions, this is the class for you.



Spots are limited! Register at www.WDMSpain.com and save with our early-bird and group discounts.


Quest’anno al WDM Spain avremo il piacere di danzare con AC Ciulla, vincitore di un EMMY e coreografo nominato per un premio TONY. AC insegnerà Theatre Dance per il livello avanzato/professionale. 3-8 Giugno a Sitges, Barcellona presso l’Institute of the Arts Barcelona.


AC Ciulla gode di una carriera eclettica con una vasta gamma di lavori in diverse arene creative.

AC è stato nominato per il premio TONY per la Migliore Coreografia per il popolare musical di Broadway Footloose, e ha coreografato/diretto numerose produzioni sia a livello nazionale che all’estero. Off-Broadway, AC ha coreografato Lucky Guy (nomination Callaway Award), The Bubbly Black Girl…(nomination Lucille Lortel), Ghetto Superstar con Billy Porter, e Last Smoker In America. Visita il nostro blog per continuare a leggere.


Il riscaldamento innovativo di AC si concentra su l’allineamento del corpo, la distribuzione del peso e su come diventare più forti e più flessibili. AC stimola i danzatori con la sua fusione di stili e si concentra sulla musicalità, la dinamica e la qualità del movimento. AC non insegna solo i passi, ma spiega l’intenzione dietro il movimento incoraggiando i danzatori a rischiare di più. Se stai cercando di portare la qualità del tuo movimento ad un altro livello e di farti notare alle audizioni, questa è la lezione per te.



I posti sono limitati! Iscriviti su www.WDMSpain.com  e risparmia con i nostri sconti.

Get to Know Eva Sánchez Martz with Our Mini Interview.

24 May


Today we have the pleasure to present you an interview we did with our World Dance Movement faculty member, Eva Sánchez Martz who will teach a Acrobatics for Dancers at WDM Italy: WEEK 1: July 10-15 and WEEK 2: July 17-24.

We put together a mix of personal and dance related questions. We hope you enjoy!

For his full bio, click here.


WDM: List your most important personal value/s.

Eva: The most important personal traits in my opinion are strength, honesty and loyalty. The word I often use to describe this type of person is fighter. A fighter is someone who has that special fire inside of them to do everything it takes to succeed yet will not break the seal of trust and loyalty at any cost. A person who has desire to work, who relentlessly attempts to overcome any obstacle while exploring every possibility and is willing to put everything aside to feel the fulfillment that is living the dream.

WDM: Do you mentor other dancers?

Eva: I must say, I consider mentoring dancers as one of my greatest strengths. If I find a dancer who believes, as I do, that absolutely anything is possible and has the discipline and drive to achieve it, one thing is for sure; I will make them a dancer. This is not the issue. The issue is finding the dancer who is ready for such a commitment.

WDM: What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your dance career?

Eva: The biggest challenge in my dance career at the moment is finding the time to do everything I would like to do in one day. Directing AcroDance Productions (my dance production company in Barcelona, Spain) occupies a lot of my time as well as my dance company Martz Contemporary Dance Company. I am also currently Associate Head of Dance at Institute of the Arts Barcelona. As you can image, I have a lot on my plate yet this challenge is also exciting and I have an amazing team supporting me. We are a well-oiled machine.

WDM: When you choreograph do you come up with the steps first and then you choose the music or the other way around?

Eva: For me choreographing  is about investigating issues I am curious about and exploring and creating a piece that communicates my discoveries or doubts to make the audience think. I usually come up with an idea of what I want to communicate and how I would like to use my body as a vehicle to portray it. As a musician myself, I think it is important to find the correct music to compliment the piece and create a certain ambiance. This being said, music does not directly inspires me to create, an idea and a curiosity do.

WDM: Describe your perfect day.

Eva: When you are asked to describe your perfect day it often seems like you go into an imaginary state thinking about what you would like to become or what it would be like. But I have already live my perfect day (most of the times). This is not to say all of my days are perfect but I love doing everything I do, which is why I chose this profession. I am a dancer, a teacher, a choreographer, a producer, a philosopher, a creator and a director all in one day. What more could I ask for?

To register for WDM ITALY – The International Workshop go to www.WDMItaly.com. The dates are: July 10-31, 2016 in Castellana Grotte (BA) + you can register for our WDM International Dance Competition, which takes place at the end of the first week of classes on July 16, 2016 at www.WDMcompetition.com.


Oggi abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi un’intervista che abbiamo fatto con l’insegnante del World Dance Movement, Eva Sánchez Martz che insegnerà Danza Acrobatica al WDM Italia: SETTIMANA 1: 10-15 Luglio e SETTIMANA 2: 17-24 Luglio.

Abbiamo creato un mix di domande personali e legate alla danza. Speriamo che vi piacciano!

Per la sua biografia completa, clicca qui.


WDM: Elenca i tuoi valori personali più importanti.

Eva: I valori più importanti per me sono la forza, l’onestà e la fedeltà. La parola che uso spesso per descrivere questo tipo di persone è guerriero. Un guerriero è qualcuno che ha un fuoco dentro di sè che gli permette di fare tutto quello di cui c’è bisogno per raggiungere degli obiettivi senza compromettere la propria onestà e fedeltà. Una persona che ha voglia di lavorare, che cerca di superare ogni ostacolo e che è disposto a mettere tutto da parte per avere la soddisfazione di vivere il proprio sogno.

WDM: Fai da mentore ad altri danzatori?

Eva: Devo ammettere che penso di essere veramente adatta a ricoprire il ruolo di mentore. Se trovo un giovane che ha la voglia e la disciplina per andare avanti e crede che tutto sia possibile, una cosa è sicura, lo farò diventare un danzatore. Questo non è il problema. Il problema è trovare dei danzatori che siano veramente disposti ad impegnarsi.

WDM: Qual’è la difficoltà più grande che stai affrontato nella tua carriera?

Eva: La difficoltà più grande al momento è trovare il tempo per fare tutto quello che vorrei in un giorno. Dirigere AcroDance Productions (un’azienda di produzione di danza a Barcelona, Spagna) occupa tantissimo del mio tempo oltre alla mia compagnia Martz Contemporary Dance Company. Sono anche una delle direttrici del Dipartimento di Danza all’Institute of the Arts Barcelona. Ho molto da fare ma questo è anche stimolante, inoltre ho un gruppo di lavoro straordinario che mi aiuta.

WDM: Quando crei una coreografia parti prima dai passi o dalla musica?

Eva: Per me coreografare vuol dire analizzare delle questioni di cui sono curiosa per create un pezzo che comunichi le mie scoperte e dubbi e che permetta al pubblico di riflettere. Di solito, trovo un’idea che voglio comunicare e poi cerco il modo con il quale usare il mio corpo per esprimerla. Essendo anche una musicista, penso che sia importante trovare la musica adatta per esaltare il pezzo e creare certe emozioni. Ma allo stesso tempo, la musica non inspira direttamente la mia creazione. Quello lo fanno le idee e la curiosità.

WDM: Descrivi il tuo giorno perfetto.

Eva: Quando ti viene chiesto di descrivere il tuo giorno ideale, sembra sempre che debba immaginare come potrebbe essere. Ma io vivo già le mie giornate ideali (almeno nella maggior parte dei casi). Questo non vuol dire che tutti i giorni sono perfetti ma amo tutto quello che faccio e questo è il motivo per cui ho scelto la mia professione. Sono una danzatrice, un’insegnante, una coreografa, una produttrice, una filosofa, una creatrice e una direttrice in un’unica giornata. Cosa potrei chiedere di più?

Per iscriverti al WDM ITALIA – The International Workshop visita www.WDMItaly.com. Le date sono: 10-31 Luglio, 2016 a Castellana Grotte (BA) + puoi anche iscriverti al nostro Concorso Internazionale del WDM, che si terrà alla fine della prima settimana di lezioni il 16 Luglio, 2016: www.WDMcompetition.com.

Get to Know Noa Paran with Our Mini Interview.

4 Mar


Today we have the pleasure to present you a mini interview we did with our World Dance Movement faculty member, Noa Paran who will teach a Gaga Movement Language and Ohad Naharin Repertory at WDM Italy: WEEK 3: July 26 – July 31.

If you are not familiar with Gaga Movement Language, check out this video.

We put together a mix of personal and dance related questions. We hope you enjoy!

For his full bio, click here.


WDM: How much time off do you take/get from dance?
Noa: Since I’m juggling between dancing and graphic design (two passions of mine) my time off from dance varies. 
I teach gaga and take classes throughout the year. In addition I work as a freelance dancer according to small projects I’m interested in and those that fit my schedule. I usually end up dancing pretty much all year long, and maybe take a week or two off if I get a chance.
WDM: What is your biggest indulgence?
Noa: Sleep.
WDM: What is the most difficult part in the life of a dancer?
Noa: I would say dealing with injuries. Injuries are part of a dancer’s life, and as dancers we are so used to pushing ourselves and our bodies. But when you get injured it is very difficult not to give in to frustration, and especially not to push too much and too fast.
WDM: What do you like most about teaching?
Noa: I like seeing the moment of discovery on another person’s face – that moment when they find something new in their body.
WDM: What is your favorite color?
Noa: It changes a lot, right now it’s purple.

To register for WDM ITALY – The International Workshop go to www.WDMItaly.com. The dates are: July 10-31, 2016 in Castellana Grotte (BA) + you can register for our WDM International Dance Competition, which takes place at the end of the first week of classes on July 16, 2016 at www.WDMcompetition.com.


Oggi abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi una mini intervista che abbiamo fatto con l’insegnante del World Dance MovementNoa Paran che insegnerà Gaga Movement Language e il Repertorio di Ohad Naharin al WDM Italia: SETTIMANA 3: 26-31 Luglio, 2016.

Se non conosci il Gaga Movement Language, guarda questo video.

Abbiamo creato un mix di domande personali e legate alla danza. Speriamo che vi piacciano!

Per la sua biografia completa, clicca qui.


WDM: Quante pause dalla danza ti prendi durante l’anno? 
Noa: Dato che mi divido tra la danza e il lavoro di graphic designer (due delle miei passioni) le mie pause dalla danza variano. 
Insegno gaga e faccio lezione durante l’anno. Inoltre lavoro come danzatrice in alcuni piccoli progetti che mi interessano e che riesco a gestire con il mio tempo. Finisco per danzare tutto l’anno e ogni tanto mi prendo una o due settimane di pausa se posso. 
WDM: Qual è il tuo vizio più grande?
Noa: Dormire.
WDM: Qual è la parte più difficile nella vita di un ballerino?
Noa: Penso che sia il dover affrontare degli infortuni. Gli infortuni fanno parte della vita di un ballerino, e da ballerini siamo abituati a spingere noi stessi e il nostro corpo. Ma quando si è infortunati è difficile non essere frustrati, e soprattutto non forzare i propri limiti.  
WDM: Cosa ti piace di più nell’insegnamento?
Noa: Mi piace assistere al momento di scoperta che si vede sul volto di un danzatore – quel momento in cui trovano un qualcosa di nuovo nel proprio corpo. 
WDM: Qual è il tuo colore preferito?
Noa: Varia molto, in questo momento è il viola. 
Per iscriverti al WDM ITALIA – The International Workshop visita www.WDMItaly.com. Le date sono: 10-31 Luglio, 2016 a Castellana Grotte (BA) + puoi anche iscriverti al nostro Concorso Internazionale del WDM, che si terrà alla fine della prima settimana di lezioni il 16 Luglio, 2016: www.WDMcompetition.com.

Get to Know Stacey Tookey with Our Mini Interview.

27 Jan


Today we have the pleasure to present you a mini interview we did with our World Dance Movement faulty member, Stacey Tookey who will teach Contemporary Dance at WDM ITALY, week 3: July 26-31, 2016.

We put together a mix of personal and dance related questions. We hope you enjoy!

For her full bio, click here.


WDM: What are the songs you are listening to the most at the moment?

Stacey: I love a lot of different kinds of music, but recently I have been listening to Max Richter, Sóley and of course Adele‘s new album!!! It’s incredible.

WDM: What’s your favorite snack before and after class?
When I have access to a blender a green smoothie for sure – kale, spinach, almonds, coconut water and some fruit. On the go: RX Bars!!! They are gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and come in incredible flavors.
Stacey with her brother Kevin (who also is a professional dancer).
WDM: What advice can you give to young dancers?
Always be hungry to learn more!!! Different styles of choreography, different teachers in different settings. Information is key and a dancer who is always eager to grow and learn is one I always want to work with. If something doesn’t go right…try, try again!!!
WDM: How and why did you become a dancer?
My mom Shelley Tookey has a dance studio she has owned for over 45 years (Shelley’s Dance Company). Her first studio was in our basement…..I danced since I can remember being able to walk :). When I was 8 I turned to my mom and said: “Mom, I’m going to do this for my job, I love it so much”. To this day she always reminds me of that story.
Tap solo. Adorable!!!
What’s the advice you would give to a dancer for an audition?
 Be BRAVE. Be BOLD. Be YOURSELF………  Confidence and openness goes much further than the act of trying to be perfect. Often when you let go and treat the audition like a class is when you have the best outcome.
To register for WDM ITALY – The International Workshop go to www.WDMItaly.com. The dates are: July 10-31, 2016 in Castellana Grotte (BA) + you can register for our WDM International Dance Competition, which takes place at the end of the first week of classes on July 16, 2016 at www.WDMcompetition.com.

*** ITALIANO ***

Oggi abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi una mini intervista che abbiamo fatto con l’insegnante del WDM, Stacey Tookey che insegnerà Danza Contemporanea al WDM ITALIA, settimana 3: 26-31 Luglio, 2016.

Abbiamo creato un mix di domande personali e legate alla danza. Speriamo che vi piacciano!

Per la sua biografia completa, clicca qui.


WDM: Quali canzoni stai ascoltando di più al momento?

Stacey: Amo molti generi di musica differenti, ma recentemente sto ascoltando Max Richter, Sóley e ovviamente il nuovo album di Adele!!! È fantastico.

WDM: Qual è il tuo snack preferito prima e dopo lezione?
Quando sono a casa, sicuramente un frullato di verdure e frutta – cavolo riccio, spinaci, mandorle, acqua di coccoe frutta. Quando non sono a casa: le barrette RX!!! Sono senza glutine, latte o zucchero e hanno tanti gusti diversi buonissimi.
WDM: Quale consiglio daresti a dei giovani danzatori?
Abbiate sempre la voglia di imparare di più!!! Stili di coreografia differenti, insegnanti differenti, in ambienti differenti. La conoscenza è un elemento chiave e un danzatore che ha sempre il desiderio di crescere ed imparare è il tipo di persona con la quale voglio lavorare. Se qualcosa non va per il verso giusto…prova e prova ancora!!!
Uno dei primi concorsi vinti da Stacey.
WDM: Come e perché hai iniziato a danzare?
Mia madre Shelley Tookey ha una scuola di danza che possiede da oltre 45 anni (Shelley’s Dance Company). La sua prima scuola era del seminterrato della nostra casa…. danzo da quando ho iniziato a camminare :). Quando avevo 8 anni ho detto a mia madre: “Mamma, questo sarà il mio lavoro, lo amo troppo”. Ancora oggi, ogni tanto, mi racconta di quel giorno.
Quale consiglio daresti ad un danzatore per un’audizione?
 Sii CORAGGIOSO. Sii TE STESSO… La sicurezza e apertura sono molto più importanti del provare ad essere perfetti. Spesso quando vai ad un’audizione come se fosse una lezione ottieni i risultati migliori.
Per iscriverti al WDM ITALIA – The International Workshop visita www.WDMItaly.com. Le date sono: 10-31 Luglio, 2016 a Castellana Grotte (BA) + puoi anche iscriverti al nostro Concorso Internazionale del WDM, che si terrà alla fine della prima settimana di lezioni il 16 Luglio, 2016: www.WDMcompetition.com
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