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10 Reasons to Join a World Dance Movement Workshop.

2 Mar



Events in fantastic locations around the world. 

Every year we provide you with the possibility to travel to international destinations while growing as a dancer and individual. Jump on board and let’s dance!


International Faculty Members.

At WDM workshops you will study with top choreographers and master teachers from several countries including Israel, Spain, France, England, Italy, Canada and USA. This will allow you to get to know how dance is experienced in different countries and across different cultures.


Dance Scholarships.

Thanks to our supportive sponsors we will award over $500,000 in dance scholarships at WDM events. Our International WDM faculty will award them while observing dancers during all WDM classes.


Cultural exchange.

At each WDM event you will experience the local culture as well as the one of your international faculty members and of dancers from over 25 countries. You will have the chance to learn words in different languages, find out how the dance scene/industry is in other countries as well as discover the study and professional opportunities you might have in other countries.


Networking opportunities.

World Dance Movement events are the perfect place to showcase your talents and network with our choreographers (several of whom are also artist directors of their own dance companies). And let’s not forget about the audition opportunities!


Performance opportunities.

Every World Dance Movement event ends with an exciting outdoor performance on a beautiful stage. You will have the chance to show what you learned throughout the week in front of dance professionals, parents, friends as well as locals who come to enjoy our shows.


Full and real class setting.

All World Dance Movement events have complete 1h and a half to 2h dance classes in a real class setting (studios with mirrors and dance floor).



World Dance Movement events provide you with the option to explore the country you are visiting and enjoy yourself during your downtime. You can sign-up for one of our extracurricular activities or venture on your own to see what our event locations have to offer.


WDM Family.

At World Dance Movement we are all part of a big dance family. We dance, explore, eat and laugh together. From the very first moment you arrive at check-in, regardless of you coming with your own group or by yourself, you will immediately feel part of our dance community. #WDMfamily


Intimate classes with one-to-one attention.

Our commitment to you: To provide an intimate class environment where you will have the opportunity to receive personal attention in a non-competitive environment. Teachers will observe you and provide you with corrections and feedback throughout the week.

So what are you waiting for? 🙂 Join us this summer!

World Dance Movement SPAIN, Sitges (Barcelona) @ Institute of the Arts BarcelonaJune 3-8. Click here for more info.

+ WDM International Competition – SPAIN – June 3-4. Click here for more info.

World Dance Movement ITALY, Castellana Grotte (Bari) @ Artinscena di Annalisa Bellini, July 9-30 (choose one, two or three weeks). Click here for more info.

 + WDM International Competition – ITALY – July 15. Click here for more info.



NEW Daily Passes At WDM Spain

1 Feb
After a one-year break we will be back in the beautiful seaside city of Sitges (Barcelona) for World Dance Movement Spain 2017. The event will take place at the beautiful Institute of the Arts Barcelona, June 3-8.New this year at WDM Spain is the WDM International Competition at WDM Spain, on June 3 and 4.

Of course, we would love to have you with us for the entire week, but if it is not possible, we hope that you can take advantage of these daily passes and join us for part of the event, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. You will take inspiring classes; you can compete in our International Dance Competition and spend time on the beautiful beaches of Sitges between classes. Also, stay tuned…because we are making a BIG announcement soon about Monday, June 5 that you won’t want to miss.

Purchase your one-day, two-day or three-day pass or register for the entire week (June 3-8) @ www.WDMSpain.com
By April 30th
€85/$90 – 1 DAY
€160/$170 – 2 DAYS
€230/$250 – 3 DAYS
Starting May 1st
€95/$105 – 1 DAY
€170/$185 – 2 DAYS
€240/$265 – 3 DAYS
*Plus Registration Fee – Max. 3 classes per day
weekend pass (17).png


  • Ballet
  • Contemporary
  • Theatre Dance
  • Jazz
  • Complexions Contemporary Workshop
  • MartzCDC Contemporary Workshop
  • Acrobatics for dancers
  • Lyrical
  • Commercial Dance (TV, cinema, video, commercials, etc.)
  • Active-Isolated Flexibility


  • Final Gala Performance
  • Scholarships of $125,000 awarded

Download the complete class schedule here.

Learn more about the Institute of the Arts Barcelona.

An International Institute for the Performing and Recording Arts


The Institute of the Arts Barcelona is a dynamic institute uniquely positioned to offer international performing and recording arts higher education in Europe. Students from all over the world benefit from our top-level professional teaching staff and UK university validated education in a stunning location on the shores of the Mediterranean. Institute of the Arts Barcelona is an international specialist higher education institution were you can study Acting, Dance, Film Direction, Musical Theatre, Pop Music, and Singing. For more information about their programs, please visit www.iabarcelona.com.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 11.47.15 AM.png


Dopo un anno di pausa torniamo nella bellissima città marittima di Sitges (Barcellona) per il World Dance Movement Spagna 2017. L’evento si svolgerà all’Institute of the Arts Barcelona, dal 3 all’8 Giugno.


Novità di quest’anno al WDM Spagna sarà il WDM International Competition at WDM Spagna, il 3 e 4 Giugno.

Ovviamente, ci piacerebbe avervi con noi per tutta la settimana, ma se non è possibile, speriamo che possiate approfittare dei pass giornalieri per partecipare a parte dell’evento, Sabato, Domenica e/o Lunedì. Avrete la possibilità di fare lezioni straordinarie, competere nel nostro Concorso Internazionale di Danza e rilassarvi sulle incantevoli spiagge di Sitges tra una lezione e l’atra. Inoltre, rimanete sintonizzati…perché ci sarà un grandissimo annuncio riguardo a Lunedì, 5 Giugno che non vorrete perdere.

Acquistate il vostro pass per uno, due o tre giorni o iscriviti per l’intera settimana (3-8 Giugno) su www.WDMSpain.com
Entro il 30 Aprile
€85/$90 – 1 GIORNO
€160/$170 – 2 GIORNI
€230/$250 – 3 GIORNI
Starting May 1st
€95/$105 – 1 GIORNO
€170/$185 – 2 GIORNI
€240/$265 – 3 GIORNI
*Oltre alla quota d’iscrizione – Massimo 3 lezioni al giorno


  • Classico
  • Contemporaneo
  • Theatre Dance
  • Jazz
  • Complexions Contemporary Workshop
  • MartzCDC Contemporary Workshop
  • Danza Acrobatica
  • Lyrical
  • Danza Commerciale (TV, cinema, video, pubblicità, ecc.)
  • Active-Isolated Flexibility (metodo di stretching)


  • Spettacolo di Gala a fine corso
  • Saranno assegnate prestigiose Borse di Studio per il valore di $125.000

Scarica il programma delle lezioni qui.

Qualche informazione sull’Institute of the Arts Barcelona.

Un Instituto Internazionale per la Danza e la Musica. 


L’Institute of the Arts Barcelona è un istituto dinamico che offre corsi di alto livello per studenti nel campo della danza e della musica. Studenti da ogni parte del mondo beneficiano della professionalità del corpo docente e dei corsi convalidati dall’università britannica in una sede incantevole sulle coste del Mediterraneo. L’Institute of the Arts Barcelona è un’istituzione internazionale specializzata dove si può studiare Recitazione, Danza, Cinematografia, Musical Theatre, Musica Pop, e Canto. Per maggiori informazioni riguardo ai corsi offerti, visitate www.iabarcelona.com.

MartzCDC Audition Workshop at World Dance Movement Spain and Italy.

15 Apr


The Martz Contemporary Dance Company Audition Workshop will be held during World Dance Movement Spain – The International Workshop (June 26 – July 1 in Sitges at Institute of the Arts Barcelona) and World Dance Movement Italy – The International Workshop (WEEK 1 – July 5-10 in Castellana Grotte, Bari). It will be open only to WDM Spain and Italy participants. It will consist of 6 days of training during which TWO DANCERS will be hired for the October-December season and TWO DANCERS will be selected for apprentice positions. This contract is extendible by six to nine months. To be able to attend the Audition Workshop, you must complete your registration at WDMSpain.com or WDMItaly.com and choose at least one other class offered by the program since the audition will be open only to dancers registered for WDM Spain and Italy.


 Photo by Jesús Coines Suñè. Dancers: Christian Ramos and Beatrice Orlandi.

MartzCDC Audition Workshop

In the 6-day workshop you will work with Eva Martz, director and choreographer of Martz Contemporary Dance Company. You will study repertory work that will allow her to look at your theatrical attitude, interpretation and improvisation skills as well as your creativity and technique. The piece of repertoire chosen will depend on the number of students in the workshop as well as the male to female ratio.


Martz Contemporary Dance Company creates dance through experimental studies of movement and emotion combined. It performs the task of elaborating unique pieces, which are transformed by the dancers in a different way each time it is presented. The Martz Contemporary Dance Company stands for truth and honesty in the stories that are told from the soul, and creep into the awareness of the public.

Our mission is to create noise in the dance world using the choreographic style of Eva Martz. We aim to inspire thought and reflection on subjects that may not have received this treatment otherwise.

We want to unit dancers in a supported environment and get to know them, their movement and their most important issues.

SEE LASTEST REHEARSALS: https://vimeo.com/123307824


WORLD DANCE MOVEMENT SPAIN – The International Workshop, June 26 – July 1, 2015. Sitges (Barcelona) at Institute of the Arts Barcelona. For more information please visit our website WDMSpain.com. Group rates available, please click here.



World Dance Movement ITALY – The International Workshop, July 5-26, 2015. Castellana Grotte (Bari). For more information please visit our website WDMItaly.com. Group rates available, please click here.





L’Audition Workshop della Martz Contemporary Dance Company si svolgerà durante il World Dance Movement Spagna – The International Workshop (26 Giugno – 1 Luglio a Sitges presso l’Institute of the Arts Barcelona) e al World Dance Movement Italia – The International Workshop (SETTIMANA 1 – 5-10 Luglio a Castellana Grotte, Bari). Sarà aperto solo ai partecipanti del WDM Spagna e Italia. Consisterà di 6 giorni di lezione durante i quali DUE DANZATORI saranno selezionati per un contratto stagionale (Ottobre-Dicembre) rinnovabile e DUE DANZATORI saranno selezionati come apprendisti. Per partecipare all’Audition Workshop, bisogna iscriversi su WDMSpain.com o WDMItaly.com e scegliere almeno un’altra lezione tra quelle offerte dal WDM dato che l’audizione è aperta solo ai partecipanti del WDM Spagna o Italia.


Photo by Salvatore Abrescia. Dancer: Beatrice Orlandi. 

MartzCDC Audition Workshop

Nei 6 giorni di Workshop lavorerete con Eva Martz, direttrice e coreografa della Martz Contemporary Dance Company. Studierete il repertorio che le consentirà di notare la vostra attitudine teatrale, le vostre capacità di interpretazione e improvvisazione, così come la vostra creatività e tecnica. Il pezzo di repertorio scelto dipenderà dal numero di studenti partecipanti al workshop e la proporzione tra il numero di uomini e donne.

GUARDA UN VIDEO DELLA COMPAGNIA QUI: https://vimeo.com/123307824

Thousands of Dollars in Dance Scholarships at World Dance Movement events!

7 May

This year over $560,000 in international dance scholarships will be awarded at World Dance Movement events thanks to our supportive sponsors! This is a great opportunity for WDM students who will not only study dance with world-renowned faculty members at WDM while traveling to some of the most fascinating European cities, but they will also have the possibility to continue their dance education in other international dance studios, conservatories, conventions and colleges for free.

Our International WDM faculty will award the scholarships while observing dancers during all WDM classes.

AMDA – College and Conservatory of Performing Arts will have an audition at each WDM event (more information below).

Here is a list of all the scholarships awarded at WDM 2014 events:


Quest’anno saranno assegnati oltre $560.000 in borse di studio internazionali negli eventi del World Dance Movement grazie ai nostri generossisimi sponsor! Questa è un’opportunità straordinaria per il studenti del WDM che non studieranno solo con insegnanti di fame internazionale mentre viaggiano in alcune tra le città più affascinanti in Europa, ma avranno anche la possibilità si continuare i propri studi gratuitamente in altre importanti scuole di danza, conservatori, eventi e università in tutto il mondo.

I nostri insegnanti assegneranno le borse di studio osservando gli studenti durante le lezioni del WDM.

L’AMDA – College and Conservatory of Performing Arts svolgerà delle audizioni in ognuno degli eventi del WDM.

Questa è la lista delle borse di studio assegnate durante gli eventi del WDM 2014:

AMDA – College and Conservatory of Performing Arts (USA – NY and LA)

Logo Stacked_cities_blue





Two $10,000 yearly scholarships for AMDA’s Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance Theatre (4-year course – total of $40,000 per person)

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 3 scholarships at WDM Italy 

AMDA SUMMER WORKSHOP (2 to 4 week program NYC and LA)

  • 7 scholarships at WDM Spain
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 8 scholarships at WDM Italy

Scholarship AuditionThe audition will consist of a brief admissions interview and the performance of a 90- second solo chosen by the student. Anyone interested in the Musical Theatre leg, should also prepare 2 songs to sing ( 1 ballad/1 up-tempo). Please bring pre-recorded music on an iPod, as we might not have an accompanist. Any students interested in participating in the audition will need to email us at wdm@tezoroproductions.com after registering for a World Dance Movement event of their choice.

Broadway Dance Center (USA – NY)






1. Broadway Dance Center 10-class cards

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

2. Broadway Dance Center’s International Student Visa Program (ISVP) ($500 towards the program)

  • 1 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 1 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 3 scholarships at WDM Italy  + 1 at WDM International Competition

Steps on Broadway  (USA – NY)






1. Steps on Broadway 10-class cards

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

Peridance Capezio Center (USA – NY)





1. Two weeks of unlimited classes at Perdiance Capezio Center

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

 2. One month of unlimited classes at Peridance Capezio Center

  • 1 scholarship at WDM Italy 

3. One full scholarship for BLUEPRINT 2014 at WDM Spain. 

4. One full scholarship for Peridance Capezio Center Certificate Program at WDM Italy (includes all visa application fees, study starts September 2nd, 2014)

Studio Harmonic (FRANCE – Paris)





Studio Harmonic 10-class cards

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

 Complexions Contemporary Ballet (USA – NY)







Intensive Winter or Summer Programs

  • 1 scholarship at WDM Spain 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Italy

The Pulse On Tour (USA)





The Pulse on Tour Regional Workshops

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 







  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

 New York City Dance Alliance (USA)






Regional New York City Dance Alliance Conventions

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

Edge Performing Art Center (USA – LA)






  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

LA Dance Magic (USA)






Regional Workshops

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

Tanec Bez Hranic (CZECH REPUBLIC – Prague)

 Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 10.56.51 AM



Summer Workshop 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy  

ACDN Productions  (SPAIN- Madrid)




Choreographic Company Experience

This scholarship consists of a Choreographic Company Experience with WDM director/choreographer, Eva Sanchez Martz, and other international choreographers. During a two-week period, the scholarship recipients will be immersed in the rehearsal and creative process of an evening long creation of a contemporary dance piece. This will be performed during the WDM events in a local theatre. This opportunity allows chosen dancers to interact in an international choreographic setting, and participate in a real company experience.

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 1 scholarships at WDM Italy

Institute of the Arts Barcelona (SPAIN- Barcelona)


Intensive Summer Program

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain
  • 3 scholarships at WDM Italy

Madrid Dance Center (SPAIN – Madrid)


One-year program (9 months)

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain
  • 3 scholarships at WDM Italy

Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid “María de Ávila” (SPAIN – Madrid)


One-year program (9 months)

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain
  • 3 scholarships at WDM Italy

Adrenaline (USA)





Adrenaline Dance Conventions 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy

Abruzzonstage (ITALY – Roseto Degli Abruzzi)





  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

Kledi Dance (ITALY – Rome)


Kledi Dance Open Cards 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 

Stage Door Connections (USA – NY)

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 11.01.20 AM



Workshop in NYC 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 
  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland
  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy  

Milano in Danza (ITALY – Milan)





Milano In Danza Workshop 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Spain 

  • 2 scholarships at WDM Switzerland

  • 6 scholarships at WDM Italy 


WDM ITALY, Castellana Grotte (BA). July 6-27 (choose 1, 2 or 3 weeks). www.WDMItaly.com


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