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Let’s Dance Together Next Spring!

11 Sep


Fall is almost here, but we are already getting ready for our 2014 World Dance Movement Spring events!

World Dance Movement Spain, Madrid – April 12-17, 2014

World Dance Movement Switzerland, Lucerne – April 21-16, 2014


After last year’s success, World Dance Movement is excited to welcome you back to these two fascinating cities! Our study-vacation model will give you the possibility to travel in Europe while studying dance with internationally-renowned faculty and talents. You will get to know many new friends who share your same passion for dance!

Both experiences have their unique characteristics and we would love if you could join us for both WDM Spain and  WDM Switzerland! For this reason we decided to offer you an  EXTRA 20% DISCOUNT  on the 2nd event when you register for both ones. Don’t miss the chance to travel with WDM faculty sightseeing for 3 days between the events and spend Easter in Lucerne!!!


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN for WDM Spain and WDM Switzerland! Save money by registering before February 28th, 2014 and spend your Spring Break with the World Dance Movement family traveling the world!

In the next months we will be sharing a lot of travel tips on what to do during your free time at World Dance Movement. We will also post very interesting interviews with our WDM faculty members and MUCH MORE…Make sure you subscribe to our blog not to miss any update! Just enter your email address in the “Don’t Miss Any Update” box on the right side column of this blog post.

If you think you may have issues coming to World Dance Movement because of financial limitations, why not trying to raise money using a crowdfunding website? Find out all the information here!



L’autunno è quasi arrivato, ma noi siamo già pronti per gli eventi primaverili del World Dance Movement 2014!

World Dance Movement Spagna, Madrid – 12-17 Aprile, 2014

World Dance Movement Svizzera, Lucerna – 21-16 Aprile, 2014

Dopo il successo dello scorso anno, il World Dance Movement è felice di darvi il “bentornato” in queste due affascinanti città! Il nostro modello di vacanza-studio vi darà la possibilità di viaggiare in Europa mentre studiate danza con insegnanti e talenti di fama internazionale. Conoscerete tanti amici con la vostra stessa passione per la danza!


Entrambe queste esperienze hanno delle caratteristiche uniche e sarebbe bellissimo per noi del WDM avervi ad entrambi gli eventi del WDM Spagna e WDM Svizzera! Per questo abbiamo deciso di offrirvi un ulteriore 20% DI SCONTO sul secondo evento a cui vi registrerete. Non perdete l’occasione di viaggiare con gli insegnanti del WDM visitando nuove località nei 3 giorni tra i due eventi e di trascorrere la Pasqua a Lucerna!!!

LE ISCRIZIONI SONO GIÀ APERTE per il WDM Spagna e il WDM Svizzera! Risparmiate registrandovi prima del 28 di Febbraio 2014 e scegliete di passare le vostre vacanze primaverili con la famiglia del World Dance Movement mentre gira il mondo!


Nei prossimi mesi condivideremo moltissimi suggerimenti su cosa fare nel vostro tempo libero al World Dance Movement. Posteremo anche delle interessanti interviste con gli insegnanti del WDM e molto altro…. Assicuratevi di esservi iscritti al nostro blog per no perdere nessun aggiornamento! Basta inserire il vostro indirizzo email nella sezione “Don’t Miss Any Update” sulla destra della schermata di questo blog post.

Se pensate di poter avere problemi a venire a World Dance Movement a causa di questioni economici, perché non provare a raccogliere dei fondi usando un sito di crowfunding? Leggete questo articolo per  trovare tutte le informazioni!

“WHERE THE HELL IS MATT?”. See Where a Spontaneous Silly Dance Can Take You…

25 Aug

If you love watching videos on YouTube you may have already heard about Matt and his “Where The Hell Is Matt” project a few years back around 2006.

Matt, a 34-year-old guy from Connecticut (USA) has now become quasi-famous as “that guy who dances on the Internet”. He had never thought to be a world traveler but one day he realized he wanted to do something different in his life. In February of 2003, he quit his job in Brisbane, Australia and used the money he’d saved to wander around Asia until it ran out. He made a website to keep his family and friends updated about where he was.

One day while traveling a travel buddy asked Matt to do “that” dance (a particular dance he always did just to have fun) and he would record it. The video was then posted on YouTube.

A couple of years later, people started finding the video on YouTube and sharing it with other people. That’s when the phenomenon started. As the video began spreading, the people at Stride gum (a popular American chewing gum brand) noticed it and decided to contact Matt to ask him if he’d take another trip around the world sponsored by them.

In 2006, Matt took a 6-month trip through 39 countries on all 7 continents and he recorded a video of his dance in every single place he went to. The second video he posted on YouTube acquired even more popularity.

People from all around the world began e-mailing him and this generated a new idea…

Matt realized how dance (even in its silliest form) pushes people to aggregate, and he wanted to create a new project to transform his dance into something more than a “solo performance”.

He contacted the people at Stride and told them he wanted to travel around the world one more time and invite the people who wrote him to join him where he was to dance too. This was the beginning of his new adventure.

It really seems like the power of the universal language of dance can manifest itself in every form, no matter how silly it may be. Give people a chance to have fun with a few simple steps and they’ll find the way to communicate together even without a common culture and language.

That’s the power of dance!

Combine this with the incredible power of the Internet and you’ll get Matt’s unique project.

Matt is currently continuing his amazing journey to work on a new video. For this new video, he’s actually learning how to dance. He’s collecting dance styles from all over the world and teaching them to groups in other parts of the world.

Check out his journal to find out how his adventure is going.

Want to dance with Matt? Visit http://www.wherethehellismatt.com/signup/ and sign up for his alerts to be notified when he’s dancing in your area.

For more info about Matt and his “Where The Hell Is Matt?” project visit his website.

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