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10 REASONS – 10 FRIENDS – 10 YEARS Contest

22 May

*** Scorri in basso per leggere in italiano ***


10 reasons friends years! (1)

How to enter our 10 REASONS – 10 FRIENDS – 10 YEARS Contest.


1. Post a photo of yourself dancing on your Facebook wall or on your Instagram account with 10 reasons why you would like to join us at WDM Italy from July 8-29, 2018. ie: 1. eat pasta 2. meet new friends etc…

2. You must make your post public so we can find your post.

3. You must use the following hashtags: #WorldDanceMovement #WDMItaly #WDM10Years

4. You must Tag 10 different dance friends in the first comment below the image inviting them to participate.

Everyone who enters will be put in a drawing to win one free week of WDM classes at World Dance Movement Italy 2018.  You have time until  June 1, 2018 to participate in the contest. We will announce the winner on our Facebook and Instagram pages and send you a private message. (Travel, housing, meals, registration fee and extra workshop classes not included. If you are already registered for WDM Italy 2018, you can add an additional week for this year or you can use it for 2019)

Good luck!!!

*** ITALIANO ***


Come partecipare al 10 REASONS – 10 FRIENDS – 10 YEARS Contest.


1. Pubblica una foto mentre danzi sulla tua bacheca Facebook o sul tuo profilo Instagram con 10 motivi per i quali ti piacerebbe partecipare al WDM Italia dall’8 al 29 Luglio 2018. es: 1. la cucina pugliese 2. conoscere dei nuovi amici ecc…

2. La foto deve essere pubblica affinché ci sia possibile visualizzarla.

3. Devi utilizzare i seguenti hashtag: #WorldDanceMovement #WDMItaly #WDM10Years

4. Devi taggare 10 amici di danza differenti nel primo commento sotto la foto che pubblicherai.

Tutti quelli che parteciperanno avranno la possibilità di vincere una settimana gratuita di lezioni al World Dance Movement Italia 2018. Il contest è aperto fino al 1 Giugno 2018. Il vincitore sarà annunciato sulla nostra pagina Facebook e Instagram oltre ad inviare un messaggio privato al diretto interessato. (Viaggio, vitto e alloggio, spese di registrazione e workshop extra non sono inclusi nella vincita. Se sei già iscritto al WDM Italia 2018, potrai scegliere di aggiungere una settimana o di partecipare nel 2019.) 

In bocca al lupo!!!

Interview with Kari Williams, Director of Dance at Sacred Heart University.

29 Aug

This year we had the pleasure to have with us at World Dance Movement – The International Festival in Italy,  a group of students from Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. Kari Williams, the Director of Dance at SHU, spent two weeks in Puglia with her students. She shared her thoughts about the program with us.  Here what she has to say and please feel free to share it with all your dance friends, parents and teachers. 🙂


WDM: This was your first year at World Dance Movement Italy. How was your experience overall?

KARI: The opportunities presented to my students to grow in their artistry and be inspired and educated by international greatness were unparalleled.

WDM: What type of opportunities did your students receive at the event?

KARI: Lauren Celentano was not only chosen by the casting director of Amici, to receive a private audition and a callback but she also took 1st place in the senior solo open category division last night in the WDM international competition and was awarded literally thousands of dollars in scholarships to various dance training programs across the US.!

We had 3 opportunities to perform in the beautiful outdoor Piazza at Castellana Grotte with hundreds in attendance – they danced choreography created by world renowned artists under the stars!

Students took weekly classes in Ballet, Active Isolated Flexibility, Contemporary dance and Street Jazz with the best dance educators in the world

On the last day our dancers participated in an open Audition for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines where they had the opportunity to earn contracts for cruise ship dance work – Our dancers that made the 1st cut & went on to round 2 were Lauren C. Elizabeth Venezia & Sarah Possenti! Lauren C. received a call back

Other SHU dance program members earning scholarships and international recognition include: Stephanie Pic: One Free Audition Technique Seminar at Stage Door Connections in NYC, Malaysia Johnson: One Week of Unlimited Dance Classes at Millennium Dance Complex in Los Angeles, Sarah Possenti: One Scholarship for classes at Steps on Broadway & One scholarship for 20 Free Classes at EDGE Performing Arts Center


WDM: How did you enjoy the extracurricular activities offered by the event?

KARI: On our free time we traveled to Monopoli Beach (2x), Polignano a Mare, the Caves at Castellana Grotte, Alberobello, Trulli, rounding out the cultural enrichment portion of our learning agenda


WDM: What makes World Dance Movement different from US dance conventions?

KARI: US Conventions are great however nothing compares to sharing ONE dance floor with dancers from literally dozens of countries at once. The inspiration from this alone – knowing that your craft is universal and that it matters on a global scale – makes WDM a stand out over any US convention that one could attend.

WDM: Would you recommend World Dance Movement to other college students and their professors? Why?

KARI: It is such a unique opportunity for students to develop technical, artistic, cultural and humanistic perspective all at once. This development in turn helps elevate not only the student to a more self-actualized person and dancer but also the entire dance program wherein they live and train.


Information about Sacred Heart University Dance Programs


·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are able to enjoy the benefits of a conservatory style higher education dance program in conjunction with earning their degree of choice.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students enjoy a diverse array of curriculum options taught by master dance educators and top industry professionals including; Classical Ballet and Pointe, Modern Dance, African Dance, Dance Conditioning, Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop, Tap, Jazz Dance and Musical Theatre Dance.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are undergraduate Nursing majors, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Communications, Education majors etc.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are given numerous performance opportunities both on and off campus, starting as early as their Freshman year!

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students are proud members of the American College Dance Association which helps support and affirm dance in higher education through regional conferences, the adjudication process, and national festivals.

·      SHU DANCE COMPANY students may earn up to 1 credit per semester for participation in the program, making this a wonderful option for those pursuing a Dance Minor

·      Many SHU DANCE COMPANY students are eligible to receive performing arts dance grants and scholarship money for active participation in the program! 

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Next year is going to be our 10th Anniversary and we are planning to make it extra special!!!
Our 2018 events:

* World Dance Movement SPAIN, Sitges (Barcelona) 
@ Institute of the Arts Barcelona
   June (exact dates TBD)   + WDM International Competition – June (exact dates TBD)  

* World Dance Movement ITALY, Castellana Grotte (Bari)

   @ Artinscena di Annalisa Bellini
    July 7-29 (choose one, two or three weeks)
    + WDM International Competition – July 14

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Get to Know Noa Paran with Our Mini Interview.

4 Mar


Today we have the pleasure to present you a mini interview we did with our World Dance Movement faculty member, Noa Paran who will teach a Gaga Movement Language and Ohad Naharin Repertory at WDM Italy: WEEK 3: July 26 – July 31.

If you are not familiar with Gaga Movement Language, check out this video.

We put together a mix of personal and dance related questions. We hope you enjoy!

For his full bio, click here.


WDM: How much time off do you take/get from dance?
Noa: Since I’m juggling between dancing and graphic design (two passions of mine) my time off from dance varies. 
I teach gaga and take classes throughout the year. In addition I work as a freelance dancer according to small projects I’m interested in and those that fit my schedule. I usually end up dancing pretty much all year long, and maybe take a week or two off if I get a chance.
WDM: What is your biggest indulgence?
Noa: Sleep.
WDM: What is the most difficult part in the life of a dancer?
Noa: I would say dealing with injuries. Injuries are part of a dancer’s life, and as dancers we are so used to pushing ourselves and our bodies. But when you get injured it is very difficult not to give in to frustration, and especially not to push too much and too fast.
WDM: What do you like most about teaching?
Noa: I like seeing the moment of discovery on another person’s face – that moment when they find something new in their body.
WDM: What is your favorite color?
Noa: It changes a lot, right now it’s purple.

To register for WDM ITALY – The International Workshop go to www.WDMItaly.com. The dates are: July 10-31, 2016 in Castellana Grotte (BA) + you can register for our WDM International Dance Competition, which takes place at the end of the first week of classes on July 16, 2016 at www.WDMcompetition.com.


Oggi abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi una mini intervista che abbiamo fatto con l’insegnante del World Dance MovementNoa Paran che insegnerà Gaga Movement Language e il Repertorio di Ohad Naharin al WDM Italia: SETTIMANA 3: 26-31 Luglio, 2016.

Se non conosci il Gaga Movement Language, guarda questo video.

Abbiamo creato un mix di domande personali e legate alla danza. Speriamo che vi piacciano!

Per la sua biografia completa, clicca qui.


WDM: Quante pause dalla danza ti prendi durante l’anno? 
Noa: Dato che mi divido tra la danza e il lavoro di graphic designer (due delle miei passioni) le mie pause dalla danza variano. 
Insegno gaga e faccio lezione durante l’anno. Inoltre lavoro come danzatrice in alcuni piccoli progetti che mi interessano e che riesco a gestire con il mio tempo. Finisco per danzare tutto l’anno e ogni tanto mi prendo una o due settimane di pausa se posso. 
WDM: Qual è il tuo vizio più grande?
Noa: Dormire.
WDM: Qual è la parte più difficile nella vita di un ballerino?
Noa: Penso che sia il dover affrontare degli infortuni. Gli infortuni fanno parte della vita di un ballerino, e da ballerini siamo abituati a spingere noi stessi e il nostro corpo. Ma quando si è infortunati è difficile non essere frustrati, e soprattutto non forzare i propri limiti.  
WDM: Cosa ti piace di più nell’insegnamento?
Noa: Mi piace assistere al momento di scoperta che si vede sul volto di un danzatore – quel momento in cui trovano un qualcosa di nuovo nel proprio corpo. 
WDM: Qual è il tuo colore preferito?
Noa: Varia molto, in questo momento è il viola. 
Per iscriverti al WDM ITALIA – The International Workshop visita www.WDMItaly.com. Le date sono: 10-31 Luglio, 2016 a Castellana Grotte (BA) + puoi anche iscriverti al nostro Concorso Internazionale del WDM, che si terrà alla fine della prima settimana di lezioni il 16 Luglio, 2016: www.WDMcompetition.com.

Get to Know Desmond Richardson with Our Mini Interview.

19 Feb


Today we have the pleasure to present you a mini interview we did with the legendary Co-Founder of Complexions Contemporary Ballet and our World Dance Movement faculty member, Desmond Richardson who will teach a Complexions Choreographic Workshop and Ballet at WDM Italy: WEEK 1: July 10 – July 15.

We put together a mix of personal and dance related questions. We hope you enjoy!

For his full bio, click here.


WDM: Do you like traveling? Where?

Desmond: I love to travel! Mostly to exotic, warm places.

WDM: What have you learned from teaching?

Desmond: To be clear with intent and challenge the dancers to express themselves fully.


WDM: Have you ever thought about giving up dance?

Desmond: Many times, but my Passion, desire and determination keep me moving forward as I feel dance transports and I want to keep that responsibility of inspiring audiences and dancers present until I really stop.

WDM: What’s your advice for a dancer who was told they don’t have “the right body” for a dancer?

Desmond: Ignore it, what is the right body? You are unique , train your body properly to your best ability and you will have the right body, YOURS!!


WDM: How do you keep in shape when you are not dancing?

Desmond: Ballet Class, Floor Barre, elliptical for stamina.

To register for WDM ITALY – The International Workshop go to www.WDMItaly.com. The dates are: July 10-31, 2016 in Castellana Grotte (BA) + you can register for our WDM International Dance Competition, which takes place at the end of the first week of classes on July 16, 2016 at www.WDMcompetition.com.

You can purchase Desmond’s TezoroLIVE instructional dance DVDs here and stream his online classes on SDW Online.



Oggi abbiamo il piacere di presentarvi una mini intervista che abbiamo fatto con il Co-Fondatore del Complexions Contemporary Ballet ed insegnante del WDM, Desmond Richardson che insegnerà un Workshop di Tecnica ComplexionsDanza Classica al WDM ITALIA, settimana 1: 10-15 Luglio, 2016.

Abbiamo creato un mix di domande personali e legate alla danza. Speriamo che vi piacciano!

Per la sua biografia completa, clicca qui.


WDM: Ti piace viaggiare? Dove?

Desmond: Amo viaggiare! Preferibilmente in posti esotici e caldi.

WDM: Cosa hai imparato dall’insegnamento?

Desmond: Ad essere chiaro con determinazione e a spingere i danzatori ad esprimere se stessi completamente.

WDM: Hai mai pensato di abbandonare la danza?

Desmond: Molte volte, ma la mia Passione, desiderio e determinazione continuano a farmi andare avanti. Penso che la danza porti con se grandi emozioni e voglio mantenere la mia responsabilità di ispirare il pubblico e i danzatori fino a quando smetterò definitivamente.


WDM: Quale consiglio daresti ad uno studente a cui viene detto che non ha “il corpo giusto” per essere un danzatore?

Desmond: Ignoralo, qual è il corpo giusto? Tu see unico/a, allena il tuo corpo in maniera giusta e al massimo delle tue capacità e avrai il corpo giusto, il TUO!!

WDM: Come ti mantieni in forma quando non danzi?

Desmond: Lezioni di danza classica, Barra a Terra, elliptical per la stamina.

Per iscriverti al WDM ITALIA – The International Workshop visita www.WDMItaly.com. Le date sono: 10-31 Luglio, 2016 a Castellana Grotte (BA) + puoi anche iscriverti al nostro Concorso Internazionale del WDM, che si terrà alla fine della prima settimana di lezioni il 16 Luglio, 2016: www.WDMcompetition.com.

Potete acquistare i DVD di lezioni di Desmond Richardson prodotti da TezoroLIVE qui o accedere allo streaming delle sue lezioni online su SDW Online.

World Dance Movement Italy 2015 – Video Recaps

4 Sep

We spent three fantastic weeks at World Dance Movement Italy 2015 and we can’t wait to be there again! Until then, let’s reminisce about those beautiful moments with our World Dance Movement video recaps! For those who didn’t join us this past edition, check out what to expect next summer. We hope to see you all at WDM Italy 2016!




So what are you waiting for? Start planning your next World Dance Movement Italy trip at WDMItaly.com and join us for one, two or three weeks of inspiring dance classes, dance scholarship opportunities, fun, sightseeing and much much more.

WDM Italy, Castellana Grotte (Bari) – July 10-31, 2016. For more info WDMItaly.com

Take advantage of our group rates at: http://bit.ly/1wnt99U

+ WDM International Dance Competition – July 16, 2016. For more info WDMcompetition.com

World Dance Movement Italy 2014 – Video Recap.

18 Aug

We are super excited to show you these videos to provide you with a quick recap of World Dance Movement Italy 2014 classes and all the fun we had at the event!

We can’t wait to share even more videos as well as pictures from the classes, gala performances, faculty’s photo shoots and much much more. Stay tuned!






If you would like to purchase the Gala Performance and/or the Week in Review DVDs with a recap of all 3 weeks of classes please CLICK HERE .

PS: WE ARE ALREADY WORKING FOR NEXT YEAR! WDM ITALY 2015: July 5-26 WDM International Dance Competition: July 11 in Castellana Grotte (BA). More events will be announced soon!

World Dance Movement Italy Will Peacefully Invade The Streets of Apulia! :)

20 May



On July 10, 18 and 26 during World Dance Movement Italy, our WDM dancers will participate in an event like no other!

It’s called World Dance Movement – Street Percussions and it is organized by The Province of Bari – Costa dei Trulli on Tour 2014. The WDM Dancers will peacefully invade the streets of (3) three beautiful cities in the region of Apulia; Monopoli, Alberobello and Castellana Grotte, with a group of percussionists from residenza teatrale di Ruvo di Puglia – Teatri Abitati, to perform some of the choreographic pieces learned at WDM Italy!

Also participating will be some of the most prestigious dance companies in Apulia thanks to the collaboration with TPP (Teatro Pubblico Pugliese).

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 2.25.06 PM

The most fascinating Apulia historic centers will become WDM “street stages”! Consider World Dance Movement – Street Percussions a true dance invasion! 🙂

This affords a wonderful opportunity for our WDM dancers to have an extra chance to perform during our event aside from our Weekly Outdoor Gala Performance on a stage in a breath-taking Italian Piazza. We will visit historic cities in the surrounding areas and bring our art to the people who live there by sharing our love for dance and music with them! How cool is that?!

One more reason to join us at WDM Italy! A true dance and cultural experience!

WDM ITALY, Castellana Grotte (BA). July 6-27 (choose 1, 2 or 3 weeks).

REGISTER before MAY 31st to SAVE MONEY on your registration fee and classes!

________ ITALIANO __________


Il 10, 18 e 26 Luglio durante il World Dance Movement Italia, i ballerini del WDM parteciperanno ad un evento unico!

Si chiama World Dance Movement – Street Percussions ed è organizzato dalla Provincia di Bari –  Costa dei Trulli on Tour 2014. I ballerini del WDM invaderanno, in maniera pacifica :), le strade di (3) tre bellissime città della Regione Puglia; MonopoliAlberobello e Castellana Grotte, con un gruppo di percussionisti (residenza teatrale di Ruvo di Puglia – Teatri Abitati), per esibirsi con alcune delle coreografie apprese durante le lezioni del WDM Italia!

Sempre nelle stesse serate è prevista la partecipazione delle maggiori compagnie di danza pugliesi, a cura del TPP (Teatro Pubblico Pugliese).

Screen Shot 2014-05-19 at 5.13.55 PM

Alcuni tra i più belli Centri Storici della Puglia diventeranno i “teatri di strada” del WDM! Considerate World Dance Movement – Street Percussions una vera e propria invasione coreografica! 🙂

Gli studenti del WDM avranno una possibilità ulteriore per esibirsi durante il nostro evento oltre agli Spettacoli di Gala di fine settimana. Visiteremo delle bellissime città pugliesi e porteremo l’arte ai cittadini di quest centri condividendo il nostro amore per la danza e la musica con loro!

Una ragione in più per partecipare al WDM Italia! Una vera esperienza culturale nel mondo della danza!

WDM ITALIA, Castellana Grotte (BA). 6-27 Luglio (scegli 1, 2 e 3 settimane).

ISCRIVETEVI prima del 31 Maggio per RISPARMIARE sull’iscrizione e il costo delle lezioni!

World Dance Movement ITALY – WEEK 3 in Photos

13 Aug

World Dance Movement Italy 2013 flew by and what an an incredible three weeks we had.  Here are some pictures to sum up week 3 – the amazing talent seen, fun shared, and great times in Castellana Grotte! See you next year in Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Amsterdam & USA!!! We love you all!

Eva Sánchez’s Acrobatics class with Claudia Fernandez from Spain.

Photo by TdiNadia Photography


Soile Ojala from Finland soars!


Giulia Pascali from Italy gets some air time!


Faculty Member Joshua Pelatzky


Joey from Hong Kong!


Beautiful view from Semiramide Palace Hotel


Faculty Member Wes Veldink.  Photo by TdiNadia Photography


Warming up in the Advanced Contemporary class.


Petra Dušková from the Czech Republick was awarded the 2-year Peridance Capezio Center certificate program scholarship by Igal Perry! Pictured with Adriana Recchia (recipient of PPCP 2011) Gianni Goffredo (recipient of PPCP 2012)


Igal Perry’s ballet class. Dancer Alice Talenti. Photo by TdiNadia Photography 


Igal Perry with Silvia Insalata, also a recipient of a Peridance Capezio Center Scholarship!. So sweet! Photo by TdiNadia Photography 


Luca Sportelli works on his technique!


Faculty Member Macia Del Prete


Bruno Collinet’s class with Petra Dušková


Student Adriana Recchia. Photo by TdiNadia Photography


Artistic Director, Michèle Assaf with assistants Jenna Branner and Valentina Verderame


Picasso Project Rehearsal at WDM Italy at Le Grotte di Castellana. Dancer: Valentina Verderame


WDM Italy Gala Performance – Creazioni Coreografiche. Dancer: Palmiriana Sibilia from Italy


World Dance Movement family


Dancers from USA, Estonia, Canada enjoying the beauty of Alberobello


The weekly World Dance Movement final gala cake… a gift from the fabulous Semiramide Palace Hotel and staff!


Click on the image to watch an amazing video recap of  WEEK 3 at WDM


World Dance Movement ITALY – WEEK 2 in Photos

25 Jul

WEEK 3 at World Dance Movement Italy  is in progress and everything is going great! Beautiful dancers, amazing faculty, great food, perfect weather and so much fun!

Take a look at this Photo Recap of WEEK 2 and make sure to share this post with your friends!

Faculty Member Jenna Branner enjoying her day off with some of her students


 Bruno Collinet teaching intermediate Contemporary at World Dance Movement Italy


After classes …. cool down with faculty members Joshua Pelatzky and Jenna Branner


WDM dancers decorate the Italian Seaside!


Faculty Member Sabatino D’Eustacchio


Faculty Member Clarissa Mucci. Official WDM Photo shoot 



Heading to morning classes! Always great energy!


Faculty Member Teddy Forance


Part of WDM Italy Faculty enjoying a good Italian dinner


Faculty Members Sabatino D’Eustacchio and Federica Angelozzi having fun at Semiramide Palace Hotel swimming pool


Peridance Contemporary Dance Company at World Dance Movement Festival in Alberobello (BA)


Peridance Contemporary Dance Company performing at WDM Festival in Alberobello (BA).

Photos by: Antonio Leo. You can check out  more pictures HERE.




Dancers fom USA , Holland, Italy enjoying the WDM pool party!


WDM Italy Faculty Member, Valetina Franchino


Members of Peridance Contemporary Dance Company  with WDM students and Faculty Member Jenna Branner


Click on the image to watch an amazing video recap of  WEEK 2 at WDM


Interview with WDM Faculty Member Igal Perry. / Intervista con l’Insegnante del WDM, Igal Perry.

19 Jun


Igal Perry , founder of Peridance Capezio Center and of Peridance Contemporary Dance Company will teach ballet at World Dance Movement Italy, WEEK 3: July 23-28. You can still register @ www.WDMItaly.com

We asked Igal some very interesting questions about World Dance Movement and dance in general. Check out his interview!


WDM: What can students expect from your class at WDM?

Igal Perry: Students can expect to receive personal attention and guidance that is specifically directed to their individual needs. Students can also expect to deal with phrasing, musicality and focus, in addition to technical elements of Ballet. The class utilizes purity for Ballet technique with an easy-to-understand approach, and has also been made suitable is for contemporary dancers.

WDM: At WDM, over $75,000 will be assigned thanks to our amazing sponsors, including 6 Peridance Capezio Center, one month-long scholarships and 1 certificate program (full year). These scholarships will be awarded by all WDM faculty members while observing students in class. What are the things you will look for in order to choose the winners?
Igal Perry: When granting scholarships I always look for dancers who are sincere and committed in their dancing. I also look for the dancer’s capacity to learn, be open to new ideas and be flexible in their approach to different elements in dance. I observe and look for talent, musicality, and passion.
WDM: What kind of advice would you give to a student who doesn’t have “the perfect body” for dancing?
Igal Perry: In my mind there is no limitation to what you can achieve, even without the perfect conditions.. the most important thing is for dancers to be committed and prepared to work hard, especially if they need to overcome any limitations, physical or otherwise.
WDM: In your opinion, what are the most common mistakes dancers make when trying to enter the professional dance world?
Igal Perry: Many dancers obsess about showing and developing their technical abilities but often tend to forget — that in order to be a really successful performer — they need to demonstrate good communication skills, tolerance, good manners, respect and charisma. This is particularly important during auditions and the hiring process. In addition, when hired for a professional Company, dancers tend to stop training, which affects their physical as well as emotional ability to deal with the high demands and stress of being a professional dancer. The best dancers I know train until the very last days of their professional careers.
WDM: If you had to describe World Dance Movement – The International Workshop with 3 words what would they be?
Igal Perry: Energy, Education, Experience.

Watch this beautiful Pas De Deux created by Igal Perry for one of WDM Gala Performance. Dancers: Melania Gamarro and Gianni Goffredo

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 4.17.08 PM

Igal Perry , fondatore del Peridance Capezio Center (NYC) e della Peridance Contemporary Dance Company insegnerà danza classica al World Dance Movement Italy, la TERZA SETTIMANA: 23-28 Luglio. Potete registrarvi su www.WDMItaly.com

Abbiamo fatto alcune domande molto interessanti a Igal riguardo il World Dance Movement e la danza in generale. Non perdetevi questa intervista!

WDM: Cosa si possono aspettare gli studenti dalla tua lezione al World Dance Movement?

Igal Perry: Gli studenti possono aspettarsi di ricevere un’attenzione e una guida individuali sulla base delle loro necessità specifiche. Avranno a che fare con il fraseggio, la musicalità e il focus, oltre agli elementi tecnici della Danza Classica. La lezione utilizza la purezza della tecnica della Danza Classica con un approccio facile da comprendere ed è adatta anche a ballerini di danza contemporanea.

WDM: Al World Dance Movement saranno assegnati circa $75.000 in borse di studio grazie ai nostri straordinari sponsor. Il Peridance Capezio Center, assegnerà 6 borse di studio di un mese e un Certicate Program della durata di 1 anno. Le borse di studio saranno assegnate da tutti gli insegnanti del WDM osservando gli studenti durante le lezioni. Quali sono gli elementi che valuterai per decidere i vincitori?

Igal Perry: Quando assegno delle borse di studio, cerco sempre dei ballerini che siano sinceri e completamente impegnati nella propria danza. Noto anche la capacità dell’allievo di imparare, di essere aperto a nuove idee e essere flessibile nel proprio approccio a diversi elementi della danza. Osservo e cerco il talento, la musicalita, e la passione.

WDM: Quale consiglio daresti ad uno studente che non ha il “corpo perfetto” per danzare?

Igal Perry: Nella mia testa non c’è nessun limite riguardo a quello che un ballerino può riuscire a fare, anche senza le migliori condizioni. La cosa più importante per i ballerini è quella di impegnarsi al massimo e prepararsi a lavorare duramente, specialmente se devono superare dei limiti fisici o anche di altro genere.


WDM: Secondo te, quali sono gli errori più comuni che i ballerini fanno quando tentano di entrare  nel mondo della danza professionale? 

Igal Perry: Molti ballerini sono ossessionati dall’idea di dover mostrare e sviluppare le loro abilità tecniche, dimenticando molto spesso che  per essere veramente degli artisti di successo, devono dimostrare anche buone capacità di comunicazione, tolleranza, buone maniere, rispetto e carisma. Questi elementi sono ancora più importanti durante le audizioni e nel processo di assunzione. Inoltre, una volta entrati in compagnie professioniste, i ballerini tendono spesso a smettere di studiare, e questo influenza in maniera negativa la loro condizione fisica e anche le abilità espressive necessarie per affrontare le grandi espettative e lo stress delle essere un ballerino professionista. I migliori ballerini sanno che hanno bisogno di studiare fino all’ultimo giorno della loro carriera professionale.

WDM: Se dovessi descrivere il World Dance Movement  con 3 parole, quali sarebbero?

Igal Perry: Energia, Istruzione, Esperienza.

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