Please Help Us Welcome danseCOUPON. The ONLY Coupon Website Entirely Dedicated To The Dance World.

8 Sep

We are pretty sure almost all of you have used a daily deal site at least once in your life. We definitely have! 🙂

Groupon started it all in November 2008 and what began as a simple basic idea has now evolved into a multi-billion company used every day by millions of customers in 43 different countries around the world to get deals on “the best stuff to do, see, eat and buy”.

But Groupon is definitely not the only daily deal site you can use nowadays. Companies such as LivingSocial, Trubates, LifeBooker and many others have been gaining popularity in the last couple of years. Several people are members of more than one of these websites to get daily deals on as many things as possible – even on things they don’t really need…yeah ok, right now you’re trying to convince yourself that you really needed a new customized dog carrier but the reality is that you just got it because it was 50% off! Do you even have a dog? 🙂

At Tezoro we are huge fans of daily deal sites! Using several of these services, we noticed that while more and more coupon companies began focusing on specific areas such as travel, spas, pets and so on, none of them were really doing anything for our beloved dance community.

Being dance people ourselves and knowing how expensive it is to be a dancer, dance teacher/studio owner or a parent of a dancer, we felt we needed to do something about it…

That’s how the idea to create danseCOUPON – the online coupon site for dancers – began.

danseCOUPON allows you to easily find special offers from dancewear companies, professional dance studios, workshops, competitions, DVD companies and many more. You have the possibility to redeem monthly coupons by printing them out and following individual coupon instructions, or purchase limited-time only weekly coupons direct from

We are working every single day to get more vendors involved with us to offer you the best dance deals possible. And this is where your participation can be extremely important too!  Is there a specific company/brand you’d like see offering deals on danseCOUPON?  Dancewear, dance shoes, costumes, dance floor, dance music, conventions, workshops, dance services, dance magazines…ANYTHING you need and like as a dancer, teacher or studio owner!

Please let’s us know about it! We’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at, leave a comment on our Facebook wall or write a comment below this article and we’ll make sure to do our best to get in contact with those companies!

Are you a vendor and you’d like to be part of danseCOUPON? Email us at and we’ll provide you with all the information to get you started.

Don’t forget to join our danseCOUPON mailing list by emailing us at to receive daily dance discounts!

You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter! And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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